Walking Pneumonia Symptoms – Things You Must Know About Walking Pneumonia

The common symptoms of Walking Pneumonia can remain undetected. The walking or atypical pneumonia does not manifests in huge way so person suffering can often ignore it as just feeling little tired or being under the bad weather, quite unlike the bed ridden situation of typical pneumonia.

There are more than 2 millions patients suffer from this each year, most of them are under 15 years old, so knowing the symptoms is important thing especially for the parents. Here are some of the main symptoms being caused by mycoplasma pneumonia, the walking pneumonia virus.

• Lethargy and gradual lack of energy

• Sudden surges of cold throughout the whole body are felt

• Feeling of pain in the chest and back

• Soar throat and sudden chills

• Severe head aches start

• Annoying fever without any reason

• The nose starts to run

• Severe pain in the stomach, eye and throat

The walking pneumonia can easily cause the feelings of gloom to settle quite fast in any one especially the person having breathing problems already. They can feel out of breath and have quite a shock to the system with this.

The fist stage of this disease can run for three weeks or so before the patient start to show some signs of anything happening. The low energy levels are often the first thing one discovers so keeping eyes on that is important for patients. At the later stages the patients start to lose feelings like smell and taste too.

The immediate treatment should be started as soon as any of these signs start to appear. Your family physician or doctor should be consulted as soon as possible in this. There are some easy tests which can determine the exact problem and its intensity so follow the doctor’s advice to avoid this problem to exculpate.

The doctors normally treat this problem with the antibiotics. The key point here is that the tablets should be taken for the full duration as being suggested by the doctors to fully cure it. Some patients go to doctors at the later stage thinking it as just common cold, in such situation the advance level of intervenes antibiotics are given to cure it.