Walking For Weight Loss – A Great Way to Lose Pounds

Many people jump into losing weight expecting immediate results. Even more people begin a program that is much too difficult to achieve at their current level of physical and mental state. There is an old saying, "if you want to eat an elephant, do it one bite at a time". There is much truth to this.

As a person gets older, it becomes even more difficult to just jump into a program for weight loss. First, your body just does not take to lifting weights the way it used to when you're out of shape. It can also be very unhealthy to jump into a training training program or running or jogging routine for your joints and back. Although it would not bother someone who has probably been doing it for many years, those who are finally deciding that enough is enough and getting into a weight loss program are just not healthy enough to withstand the force and strain that is put on their bodies .

Walking for weight loss is a great way to get started. It gets your heart pumping and causes less trauma to the ankles and knees. It increases digestion and contributions to a healthier digestive system which in turn contributes to weight loss. No says that you have to keep walking, ever your body will grow accustomed to walking and you will need to increase your intensity to the next level by increasing speed or distance to you walk and initially begin jogging or perhaps trading off between walking and some type of resistance training that does not strain your joints. Pilates and yoga are two great ways to enhance walking for weight loss.

Eating the proper foods and controlling the amount of food you eat at one sitting is also a great way to enhance your diet program. Even if you never wish to jog or run, walking can continue to help you achieve your weight loss goals and increase your health while maintaining pain free muscles and joints because there is little or no impact on the joints.

The point in any diet program is that you get healthy and walking is a great way to start.