Vomiting and its Treatment


There are several different causes behind vomiting. There are medicines out there which cause vomiting as a side-effect. Particularly the medicines that are prescribed for cancer patients are notorious for causing vomiting and nausea. Alcohol can also cause vomiting. Note that when you drink alcohol, you may not vomit immediately. In fact, if you drink alcohol at night, the vomiting will start in the morning. This vomiting is known as ‘hangover’. Similarly, vomiting can also occur during pregnancy. Vomiting usually occurs during the first few months of pregnancy but for some women vomiting may continue well for a longer time.

If someone you know is vomiting after they have eaten, it is imperative that you take them to the doctor because there may be some underlying problem. If it should turn out that it is because of acid reflux, there are some interesting things that a person can do to keep them from experiencing this. There doctor may give the person medication that will stop the person from vomiting.

I wanted to talk to you about the emetophobia cure for a fear of vomiting. A lot of people have not heard of this type of fear, nor do they really see the problem with it. No one enjoys vomiting and if they could, they would rid it from their life. Granted, they don’t have a fear of it, but they still don’t enjoy it. The thing to really focus on here is that this fear is irrational. It invades all aspects of a person’s life and takes over. Emetophobia is often misdiagnosed as agoraphobia, xenophobia or even anti-social. It’s a very disabling problem to have, so this is why I want to talk to you about the emetophobia cure for a fear of vomiting.

Once the cause is discovered and the vomiting controlled, some foods can be reintroduced, starting with clear vegetables soups, followed by whole meal toast or boiled rice and vegetables, before gradually resuming a normal diet.

Any healthy child, even a baby, can safely go for up to 12 hours or more without drinking much, as long as there are no fluids being lost by vomiting ,diarrhea or very heavy and continuous sweating.

The last thing you have to know to get morning sickness help is that if you know when you will get sick, then you can help to prevent or at least lessen the chance you get sick with your prenatal vitamin. Take it about 2 hours before you usually get sick to give your body something it needs because you will not vomit with all those nutrients in your body.

A possible type of treatment for this fear is regression hypnotherapy in which you return to that first incident and view it through your adult perspective. You can see the event for its true nature and correct any fear you had associated with vomiting. This type of treatment is effective with even the most severe cases of emetophobia.