Vitamins and Foods That Will Naturally Increase Penis Size

Natural, natural, natural. That is all you here when it comes to male enhancement. But if you want to go really natural, you have to look at foods and vitamins. Tips on how to naturally increase penis size have to start with the natural part first. What you need to do is eat foods that enhance blood circulation. And also take vitamins that do the same thing. Here is a list of foods and vitamins you can take, and you should use these tips how to naturally increase penis size.

Onions– this has phytochemical, which makes your blood less likely to clog and clot. This is a good food to take.

Omega 3 fatty– get some of these pills and it will make your blood less sticky. Crucial for blood circulation.

Zinc and vitamin b6– the reason why they are put together is because they do the same thing when it comes to blood enhancement. It raises testosterone. Very important tip on how to naturally increase penis size.

Bananas– this food contains potassium. Guys who have increases in size of their penis need to have healthy hearts. Bananas do that.

Porridge– porridge also contributes to penile enhancement believe it or not. It contains soluble fibre that cleans up cholesterol, keeping your blood vessels smooth and stretchy.

The ultimate tip is to eat these foods and vitamins and combine them with penile enlargement exercises. This will help you to gain 2-4 inches very fast. The exercises increase blood flow and the foods enhance them. Great combo for growth.