Vitamin C for Skin

Scientific research has shown that vitamin C for skin boost the skin's natural ability to protect itself against the environment, pollution, and effects of aging and ultraviolet light.

The problem is with the vitamin C in most products is destroyed by oxidation, this fragile vitamin is exposed to water and air, even while it is still in the package. The best form of vitamin C is pure ascorbic acid, which is extremely difficult to stabilize against this kind of oxidative destruction.

When your skin is young it looks firm, and this reduces the appearance of wrinkles, giving your skin elasticity and softer texture. In our modern society your skin is exposed to much higher levels of UV radiation, and this damages the appearance of your skin.

This damage starts early in life, and this damage adds up to create prematurely older looking skin-fine lines and wrinkles creep in, and your skin does not bounce back like it uses it, it becomes dull, and loses the softness and glowing appearance of youth.

Iron in tap water also damages the skin, products with vitamin C for skin and vitamin E in their formula can help protect against the damage iron in the water can do.


Higher levels of UV radiation and pollution from global warming can cause skin damage to occur faster and become noticeable at an earlier age:

* Iron in tap water creates damaging oxidation reactions.
* Free radicals attack skin cells.
* Sun causes skin damage.

Many skin care products on the market today claim to nourish and protect the skin with one or more antioxidant ingredients. Unfortunately, these ingredients only address certain parts of the complex cascade of free radical damage on the surface of the skin. What's more, these ingredients may be present at very low levels or in forms which may not be absorbed or utilized by your skin.

Resveratrol supplements can also slow the aging process,

First we age at the cellular level, every day we are bombarded by environmental toxins and pollution,

And second, as we age our mitochondria in our cells are reduced and so energy stores become diminished, resveratrol helps our cells build more of these energy packs in our cells for vital energy we can not live without.

And third our genetic regulators are damaged, and they control how long our cells will live, healthy cells have a limited life span, (cancer cells never die.) And resveratrol helps control this.

Resveratrol supplements can help with the first three mechanisms of aging but only one made with the Muscadine grape and a unique polyphenol blend has an effect on the fourth mechanism of aging, the advanced glycation end products or AGE proteins.