Viral Marketing Strategies – Bacak Style

I freely admit that I’m new to the whole Internet Marketing ‘game’. And I came in to it as something of a skeptic; a little reluctant to accept that there are thousands of people using simple techniques and processes to lead very successful businesses.

But should we really be using terms like Viral?

For the last few years we’ve seen jobs and services being re-formulated and re-branded to make them more ‘acceptable’.

Salesmen have become Business Development Managers.

Air Stewards became Flight Attendants.

Secretaries are administrative assistants.

Housemaids are Cleaning and Hygiene Operatives.

Bald people are follicley challenged

So having spent a small fortune on Norton, McAfee and other products, I’ve been brainwashed in to believing that when something goes Viral it’s not a good thing. Actually, it’s quite bad. To be avoided as much as possible.

So why would I want my marketing to go Viral. Why would I want to ‘infect’ others with my marketing message?

Why can’t I go ‘Exponential’?

Or perhaps ‘Logarithmic’?

Wouldn’t these terms be equally acceptable?

And that was my problem. I was one of those experts down the pub that has ‘been there and done it all’ and saw the Internet in a cynical way. I was issuing my own kind of verbal spam over a pint to anyone who would listen. Ignorance was bliss!

My ignorance came from a lack of knowledge and particularly a reluctance to accept a change in attitude that was needed from myself and a lack of understanding of what marketing is about.

As a professional in the IT industry for over 20 years and managing more projects than I care to think about, I’ve always been able to spot ‘  Paralysis  Through Analysis’. It’s been one of my key skills.

I can walk in to a project environment and almost feel when a project is stagnating. I can feel where it lacks momentum and I can feel where I need to push to get things moving and to help build momentum.

Project terminology doesn’t scare me. I can talk Risk Management, Budgets and Resource Based Planning with the best of them. More to the point I talk plane. I wear my heart on my sleeve and tell it as I see it. If they don’t like it then why did they ask me to look at things in the first place? Marketing myself was not my specialty.

But when an Internet business opportunity arose and I was faced with actually having to work out what to do, I fell in to that same trap;  Paralysis  Through Analysis. I had to change in to a marketing mindset.

I was like a cat in headlights and found myself falling in to the trap of all those projects, trying to understand every nut and bolt and making no ground at all.

And when I heard the phrase ‘Go Viral’ it cast serious doubts in my mind.

But then, purely by chance I happened across the name Matt Bacak and a set of DVD’s covering one of his workshops. In his workshop, he struck me as very nervous for someone who has made such a reputation for himself and the odd million to go with it. He admits he can’t spell and stumbles over his words as you see his mind racing at a thousand miles an hour behind his eyes.

At times Matt doesn’t seem to take himself seriously as he laughs at his own mistakes but that seems to be his secret. He keeps moving on and doesn’t let mistakes hold him back. He takes you through a very simple series of tasks that sometimes seem disjointed. And the workshop appears sluggish in places at the beginning, but then it all comes together like an epic blockbuster.

All the pieces add up to an incredible marketing strategy that I am now using to launch my new business in the summer. And now I understand the need to go Viral.

I understand why I have to think Marketing and ensure that my campaigns do go Viral. Importantly, I understand the need to stop letting the years of cynicism hold me back.

Matt has taught the same techniques to a 12 year old boy in the US who is now making over $10,000 a month. And if a 12 year old can do it, then so can I!!

Mats Bacak works in conjunction with Jo Han Mok in this workshop and together they form a quite formidable team. The secret is to persevere until the very end to see how it all hangs together. And I did like being able to pause a DVD and make a coffee if I needed a short break. It’s not rocket science. And Matt has given me clear direction and provides all the resources I need. The terminology doesn’t freak me out any more and I just have to keep reminding myself to become a child every now and then and see how things should be – Simple.

Viral. Autoresponders. AdWords. AdSense. Signature files.

These are just words. But when you start thinking as a marketer, they do have incredible power behind them and Matt Bacak shows you all you need to know in his workshop.