Viral Hepatitis C – Can it Be Cured Naturally?

Viral hepatitis C was one of the most deadly diseases of the past, but recently, a new natural and herbal cure for it was developed, and anyone can apply it themselves at home. Soon, the hepatitis c infection will be cured very quickly, as more and more people become aware of the new treatment option.

The fact that hepatitis C patients almost in 80 percent of the cases do not show any symptoms sets apart this type of hepatitis from others. Hepatitis is generally categorized in two phases, that is, acute and chronic. Patients suffering from Hepatitis C virus can show different symptoms in either of the phases of the disease.

Hepatitis C virus can be transmitted from one patient to an unaffected person in a number of ways. The disease can be prevented if contact with infected blood can be prevented. For this purpose doctors advise to be careful in use of things such as syringes, razors, and toothbrushes. Research also reveals that there is a high risk of transmission of HCV while getting tattooed, child birth, blood transfusion and unprotected sexual intercourse.

Viral hepatitis C is one of the most difficult to transmit diseases, and yet a lot of people are suffering from it. It presents a huge danger, mainly because most hepatitis c sufferers do not show the signs, or symptoms, which they can recognize, and go to a doctor. Even at a late stage, people are not aware that they have a disease, and they simply ignore it.

That's the reason why this type of hepatitis often turns chronic, which makes it a lot more difficult to cure. The new herbal treatment, works simply by blocking a certain type of enzyme, which the HCV virus, uses in order to inject itself into liver cells. Once the enzyme is blocked, the infection quickly dies off.