Vinegar – One Time Cure for Fungal Infection

Toe nail fungus can be one of the most difficult infections to cure owing to the difficulty to completely eradicate the infection. The toe nail fungus spreads through a variety of sources like the damp and moist area of the floor, contaminated areas, sharing a common sandal or shoes that are already infected with the fungus. They also normally spread through the sweats.

The dampness and darkness are the favourites of the toe nail fungus. There are many home remedies for the toe nail fungal eradications. Some of them include the use of essential oils, herbs, Vicks rub, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. Many time a mix and match combination works better for some individuals. There are also proofs that many kinds of home remedies are done simultaneously to cure the infection.

Among the above said home remedial measures, Vinegar is the most commonly used ingredient for treating the fungal infection. Vinegar is a sour tasting fluid that is acidic in nature which is produced from the ethanol oxidation of fermented fruit juices like the apple, grape. It is also produced from the oxidation of cider, beer, wine and many liquids that contain alcohol.

There are many types of vinegar namely, malt vinegar, apple cider vinegar, wine vinegar, coconut vinegar, raisin vinegar, white vinegar, Chinese black vinegar, honey vinegar and many other flavoured vinegar. All these vinegar are acidic in nature and can be effectively used to cure the fungal infection. Fortunately, most of these vinegar are culinary in nature and can be used safely against the fungal infection.

Vinegar is used as an antimicrobial agent since ancient times mainly to treat fungal and viral infections. Apple cider vinegar is the most powerful among the all to treat all kinds of fungal infection which has the maximum penetrating power and thus kill the fungus.

Dilution of 50:50 of apple cider vinegar with the water is a perfect solution to treat the fungal infections. Dipping the infected areas in this solution for 30 minutes at least 3 times daily for many consecutive weeks can drastically reduce the infection rate. Both hot and cold baths are preferred. However dipping in hot and cold baths alternatively can greatly help to fight against the infection. Even for both hot and cold dippings, minimum 30 minutes is required compulsorily.

The acidic nature of the fungus relieves the itching of the skin and balances the PH of the skin. The acidic environment produced by the vinegar greatly discourages the growth of the fungus as they can not grow in these conditions. In some cases, the combination of the apple cider vinegar with hydrogen peroxide is a great combination to fight infection. Hydrogen peroxide kills the fungus effectively.

Above all maintaining healthy toes by following clean methods like washing the toes regularly after returning from outside and wearing clean and loose fitting shoes also help to prevent infections. Even care has to be taken for the socks to stop the spread of the infection.

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