Vinegar For Diabetes Can Control Blood Sugar?

It is not surprising if one says that many people do not know the importance and application of vinegar for diabetes. Recently it has been experienced by many diabetic patients that vinegar helps control blood sugar. You have vinegar as herbal treatment for diabetes and it can be added with diabetic diet foods. It is essential that you have a vinegar based diabetic diet plan that fits your body type with diabetes so as to control blood sugar levels within normal limits. Research on diabetes claims that adding vinegar in your diet foods can help control blood sugar. A spoonful of vinegar can indeed help reduce the glycemic index of the foods you consume.

Vinegar seems to possess potentials similar to some other popular medications with acetic acid for diabetes. The investigations to establish the efficacy of vinegar as anti-diabetic are warranted. You can add vinegar to your diet in many ways such as adding to salad dressing, recipes and pickled foods. It should be noted that adding vinegar in raw foods can give better results. When vinegar goes for boiling process, its medicinal property is lessened. So, it is your choice that you take vinegar for diabetes cure.

It is enough that you add two teaspoons of vinegar to the salad dressing and consume before a meal. This way of vinegar home remedies for diabetes will act dramatically in reducing blood glucose that occurs after a meal. It has been proved that drinking vinegar just prior to eating high carbohydrate breakfast is potent to controlling blood sugar levels. Using vinegar oil is a useful adjunct therapy in the treatment of diabetes.

You cannot drink vinegar straight even if it is the flavored apple cider vinegar for diabetes. There are many simple ways by which you can add vinegar such as on fish and salad dressing. It has been proved that the diabetics who had vinegar drink before meal were fortunate to have sufficient insulin after an hour following the meal. Type 2 diabetics also seem to improve and recover to normal condition. Above all, the diabetic patients whose insulin response is normal and those who are insulin resistant are also reported to achieve a controlled blood sugar.

Along with the use of vinegar for diabetics, exercise program is very essential to controlling diabetic condition. Though you are convinced for using vinegar mix with foods, it is significant that you select the right food items to eat so that you have the benefits doubled with selection of right diabetic foods to eat/avoid.