Villain Costume Parties and How to Throw a Great One


Remember how much fun it was, as a child, to dress up and believe that you were someone else? It didn’t matter whether you dressed up in super villain costumes and/or super hero outfits. It is also fun to watch the antics of young children and how much they enjoy putting on new personalities.

The same goes for adults going to a party. Adults can have fun normally. However when you upgrade it to a themed party it then becomes a photo spectacular event. Most people setup a hero or medieval theme for these parties but you can have a lot more fun by having a villain slant to the same party.

Dressing up in villain costumes give us permission to be a little more wild and crazy as a temptress or a witch, a pirate or an executioner. Who would like to dress up as magneto or one of the brother hood of mutants. Lets face it people, playing a villain can be just as much fun if not more.

Costume parties provoke conversations that differ from the norm’ and dressing up in villain costumes even more so. Everyone knows about the heroes, and the basics as to why they became so. However not many people know much in the way of details of villains. Wearing villains costumes provokes a different line of conversation and can as a theme make your party much more lively. There is a lot to be said about wearing your conversation piece on you. No more boring conversations about the ticks on the cat next door. Now you can talk in character about how much you would like to roast the cat next door!!!!

Also if a couple have a falling out at the party while in costume who will think more of it?! Everyone knows that villains fight among themselves!!

Where to start:

If you are going to make your themed party, villain costumes, you are going to need a plan. That is, if like other villains, you want to be remembered for world domination or at least party domination.

So here are the steps to world… Um I mean, party domination:

  1. who to invite
  2. decide on a theme/genre
  3. where to get your villain costumes
  4. date of the party
  5. party games/prizes
  6. food to prepare
  7. security and safety

Who to invite:

This should be a no brainer – other villains – but seriously, friends or and family as is appropriate. You want people there who are going to add to the party atmosphere not bring it down with drunken obscene behavior.

Decide on a theme/genre

Decide on a villain costumes party theme. You can keep it generic allowing villain costumes from historical or mythical references, or from TV such as cartoons, sitcoms or movies, the list goes on. Just browse villain costumes and see what is available then it is a case of adding accessories. Some themes you can go for are historical, mythical, super villains, sitcom villains, alien villains, undead, phantom villains, comic book villains the list goes on.

Where to get your villain costumes:

You are going to want elaborate villain costumes that are the best quality that you and your guests can use more than once. This way they can always be used at fancy dress office parties, on Halloween or other more generic costume parties. Best of all you can save yourself time, money, petrol and energy by purchasing online.

Date of the party:

Make sure to give yourself enough time to have your costumes delivered. Also allow extra, time if your guests will have to purchase or make their own villain costumes. The thing is that by giving your guests enough notice about the party, they will be able to plan in advance, and organize their villain costumes and wmd’s- (weapons of mass distraction), ummmm I mean accessories. Then your plans will be set in motion and your party will be set to rock. First the street then the world!

Party games/prizes:

To make your costume party worth remembering you can have prizes for the best costume or if it is a large gathering for the best villain costumes in each genre. Remember people, accessorize! Villains are all for it. Death rays, red double edged light-sabers, unique super powers to doomsday devices.

Remember the friends and family that go to the effort of getting dressed up enjoy themselves the most. Having pictures of them dressed up in their villain costumes will stand out in the photo album. It is definitely worth having an area set aside for photo’s at the start of the party because when people arrive in their villain costumes, will be when they will look their best. Get them to strike a pose, it will get them into the mood, not to mention it will make a great picture.

Food to prepare:

Your food can also have a theme as well. Just make sure that there is plenty of it as you don’t want your villains to go else where to get food and not return. Make sure you know what food allergies your guests have if any.

Security and safety

Before you have the party on the day/night there are a couple of things to tick off. Have the local police in your pocket… Um… I mean let them know that you are having a themed party. Give them the:

  • Date it will be on.
  • Time it will start and approximate finish time.
  • Approximate number of people that will be attending.
  • Also the name of any security company you will be using on the night.

If you arrange for minions… Um… Security guards to be at the party. Get them into the spirit as well by having them dressed with a cursory shirt marked as security. Make sure you feed them too. A minion marches on their stomach… Not a pretty sight but fun to watch… Mwah hahahahha.!! I am mentioning this again but make sure that you get a list of food that your guests are allergic to (check with the minions as well,… Hey, you employ them, there your minions!). This way you can be sure that the food you order or make will be safe for everyone.

You don’t want to change your villain costumes theme to a “who dunit” with you as the prime suspect. “it was Dr. Doom in the kitchen with the peanuts!”

The best part of the themed villain costumes party is that gate crashers are easily recognized and can be asked to leave. Failing this if you can see that they are looking to start trouble don’t confront them, especially alone.

Organize for more than one of your multiple guests to take a photo with their camera phone, discretely! Before or while you speak with them. If you get any resistance, don’t push it. Walk away, call the police (who should know about the party before hand) and inform them what has happened or is happening. This way you have their mug shot should something happen, also at the very least, the police will be on their way.

Have a first aid kit available just in case someone injures themselves some how. As with any party advise your neighbors or invite them just make sure that the invite states that entry is permitted to those with villain costumes. You can also deck out your house with villain propaganda and also have villain games and trivia questions. People love prizes.

Have the numbers of a couple of taxi companies available should you need to call someone a cab also the number for the local hospital and police station as well. You can also let your guests know before hand that you suspect that the police will be patrolling the area as well. That way if you have friends who are inclined to have too much to drink and get behind the wheel, this knowledge should make them think twice.

Finally with all that said, have fun, that is why you are having a villain costumes theme party after all and send me a couple of pictures by email. I would love to put them up on the site.