Vichy Shower

Every human being needs to indulge in the activity of bathing in order to maintain proper hygiene and also keep the body clean to make sure that the body does not contract any kind of infection. At present, all houses are provided with separate bathrooms which are meant for bathing. While bath tubs have been quite a common feature for taking a bath, in recent times most apartments suffer from space crunches and under such circumstances investing on an elaborate structure like a bathtub does not seem to be a viable option. Under such circumstances, showers are always a better option as they occupy lesser space.

Showers contain various perforations or nozzles through which the water pours out into the body in the form of a spray. It is interesting to note that showers are nowadays preferred for usage as they are easy to handle and can be used without much difficulty or effort by the elderly people or the disabled. While showers are common features in bathrooms, showers are also prevalently used in spas to provide therapeutic baths to their customers which have a healing effect on the body. The Vichy shower is a variant of this kind and it is a popular form of healing used in the various spas. It is necessary to point out here that the origin of the Vichy shower can be traced back to France. It refers to a kind of shower which is used to pour warm water on a spa patron as he lies on the massage table or a wet table and the Vichy shower pours warm water of the patron. Here it must be pointed out that in case of Vichy showers it is essential to make sure that proper drainage arrangements are ensured to make certain that the water so poured by the Vichy shower is drained out.

The functioning of the Vichy shower can be described as being quite similar to the act of rainfall or the effect produced by pouring rainwater. Initially, the Vichy shower, when it originated in France comprised of a five head shower system along with a wet treatment table. Warm water was poured down on the body as it rested on the table. It is necessary to note that the water poured should be warm enough to suit the body temperature. At present a seven headed shower is being g utilized for providing Vichy showers and they are extremely beneficial for the body as the provide relaxation and release toxins from the body.