Vasovagal Syndrome Reasons and How To Prevent It!

Today I'm going to talk about vasovagal syndrome, I'll share with you what this condition is and some ideas to prevent it. Vasovagal syndrome also known as vasovagal syncope is a common cause of false or passing out. It is somewhat similar to a stroke and do you know how a stroke is caused?

Blood is needed for fuel, oxygen and to eliminate waste materials. When it does not reach the brain it causes a stroke, which is brain damage. Vasovagal syncope takes place when not enough blood reaches the brain and it shuts down. The good news is that unlike a stroke, this condition does not cause brain damage, but it can be dangerous. Do you see how passing out can be dangerous? Yea, if you driving a car and pass out that would not be good. Maybe your walking across a busy street or scuba diving.

The interesting thing is that this condition takes place due to triggers. Just like certain triggers cause asthma or panic attacks, certain things can cause someone to pass out. These triggers cause a drop in blood pressure and in heart rate resulting in a loss of blood reaching the brain.

One example of this would be the sight of blood. It's interesting why some people fault at the sight of blood and a theory on this is that it has to do with survival. If you were a warrior and stained during a battle then people would pass over you and you could live. Also if you fault with an injury you might not bleed to death.

Another trigger is standing for prolonged periods of time and if someone is dehydrated it can increase the chance of someone failing. Do you know the most common reason why someone is tired? Yep, it is because they are not drinking enough water. The rule of thumb is that someone should drink 8 glasses of water that is 8 ounces in size.

Alcohol and drugs can also cause this condition. If you have ever been hung over drinking too much alcohol think about how thirsty you were. Alcohol also decrees blood pressure, which can cause a loss of blood to the brain. Other common causes could be a loss of blood sugar levels, heart problems, a blood clot, cholesterol and anxiety.

To prevent vasovagal syndrome a few good ideas would be to manage anxiety and increase blood flow through exercise and there are tons of herbal remedies that can help.

To sum everything up vasovagal syndrome is when not enough blood reaches the brain and it shuts down. Some common causes of this would be panic attacks, the sight of blood, dehydration, standing for prolonged periods of time, alcohol, drugs, blood sugar levels and heart or cardiovascular problems.