Various Tests For Diagnosing Heart Disease!


People suffering from heart diseases are being treated with various heart surgery techniques. When treatments by medicines, changing lifestyle and various medical procedures fail to work, then heart surgery is the last option. Heart surgery involves treatment of coronary artery disease and cardiovascular attacks. It is also used to replace damaged heart with the healthy one as well as to fix the heart valves for the proper regulation of your heart-beat.

Whether you need heart surgery or not is decided by a doctor or a cardiologist or a cardiothoracic surgeon. As they have specialization in treating cardiovascular problems, they will advise you whether you need to go for heart surgery or not. Since there are a lot of tests that help to determine heart problems, they come in handy for diagnosing the heart disease you are suffering from. The doctor will also determine whether you do need surgery at all or not and what type of surgery you need and at what time.

There are a variety of diagnosing tests that are given below:

Diagnosing tests:

EKG (Electrocardiogram):

It is the easiest and painless test that accounts the electrical activity of your heart. This test helps in determining the source and exact position of the heart problems. The test is performed by attaching sticky patches known as electrodes to the legs, arms and the skin of your chest. Then these electrodes in turn attached to the wires of a machine that accounts the electrical signals from your heart.

The test determines whether your heart is beating properly and your pulse rate is steady or uneven. It also shows from where the electrical activity starts in your heart and will it travel in a normal way through your heart.

Stress test:

You can easily diagnose some of the heart diseases, if your pulse rate is faster and your heart, is working hard at normal times. At the time of stress testing, you are supposed to work hard so as to increase your heart beat. You can do this by exercise or if you are not able to exercise, then some medicines are given to you.

During stress testing, your EKG as well as your blood pressure is checked.


It is very simple and painless test. In this type of test, no instrument or equipments are used to perform this test. It is also known as "NON-invasive" test as no surgical tool is inserted in the body. In this test, sound waves are used which create a moving picture of your heart. It gives the information about the shape and size of the heart. It also provides the information related to the proper functioning of the heart chambers.

The test determines the areas where the less blood flow is towards your heart. It also detects the heart muscles that are not contracting properly and the damage to your heart muscle caused by poor blood flow. These are the general tests that are used to determine heart disease.

So, with the help of these tests, you can successfully diagnose your various heart problems.