Vaginal Thrush Cure – How to Cure a Vaginal Yeast Infection – Viy Aita

Vaginitis impacts most women at one time or another. Using home remedies for yeast infection you can easily start vaginal thrush treatment. A healthy vagina normally has an acidic Ph balance and this prevents the candida organism from growing rapidly. Candida fungus is responsible for this infection. When the Ph balance gets disturbed, one or more of the microorganisms start multiplying rapidly. This results in pain, itching, discharge and irritation in the vagina.

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The next important question that may come to mind is – how does the Ph balance get disturbed? You see this happens because of reasons like improper diet, poor lifestyle, use of antibiotics, birth control pills, sexual intercourse etc.

You see, using home remedies for yeast infection can easily control many of the above factors. And once you know the exact methods that can help restore and maintain the ph balance in the vagina, you may not require any vaginal thrush treatment except for simple prevention steps.

Here are some simple home remedies for yeast infection that you can start with:

1) Since oral contraceptives or birth control pills disturb the ph balance of the vagina, avoid using these pills. You may go for other external contraceptives that are equally good.

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2) Avoid taking antibiotics unless it is absolutely essential. Antibiotics not only kill the yeast organism, but they also destroy the good bacteria in the vagina. A good bacterium helps in maintaining proper Ph balance. Always check with your doctor about antibiotics before you take them. Following this simple rule will make vaginal thrush treatment easy.

3) To get rid of yeast infection, your partner also needs to take treatment. Sexual intercourse can make the infection go back and forth between the partners. So make sure that both you and your partner take treatment. Alternately avoid sexual intercourse till you get cured completely.

Following some of the above home remedies for yeast infection will be a good starting point for vaginal thrush treatment.

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