Vaginal Rash & Genital Warts Differences – Does Your Red, Itchy Sore Vagina Cause You Pain Also?


Is having a red rash in the vicinity of the genitals, or particularly the vagina a serious issue? In a manner of speaking, no, a vaginal rash is no different than having a rash on your face or on other body parts. Nevertheless depending on the cause of why the rash has developed could then determine seriousness. In saying this still not a time to worry till you have had your vaginal rash checked out by your doctor.

What is the difference between a vaginal rash or face rash? Simply answered, we find more women will go and seek medical advice for a facial rash before that of seeking treatment for a rash round their vagina. The primary reason why this is – is because they are embarrassed. Listen ladies the vagina is just another part of the body that a doctor will treat in great numbers on a daily basis. Your vagina is no different to any other woman`s that your GP will see. You will be doing yourself a favor to stop blushing and have yourself checked over.

A vaginal rash can affect both women and men, not vaginal for the male, but genital. We are dealing with tender and delicate skin with this issue, so it is best to treat your rash in the way you would that of facial skin (tenderly) unless suggested otherwise by your GP. A vaginal rash that has developed is not usually diagnosed as a serious issue and is more times easily and quickly rid after using appropriate treatments.

If the rash has occurred through infection then this is different matter altogether, as it will need medical attention. Infections left untreated can turn nasty, and should it be a venereal disease, even nastier. Particular VDs can cause serious health complications, even death. If you’re 100% sure that your vaginal rash has not erupted from allergic reaction or from profuse sweating, or genital skin rubbing caused by tight garments, then more the reason to talk to your GP. Vaginal infections come varied but the more types known to cause a vaginal rash are:

Yeast infections


Genital warts


We connect a vaginal rash more towards a yeast infection which comes about if fungus Candida is permitted to reproduce around the vagina.

Unfortunately the importance of wearing loose clothing round the genitals although pointed out on high scale as to be a major cause of vaginal rash is oft times ignored; women tend to still tighten their knickers round their crotch. Tight clothes smother the vagina, yes smother, the vagina and surrounding areas need space to breathe. When you sweat, tight cloth restricts it being absorbed to leave the genitals cool and dry, resulting in it doing the complete opposite and creates a warm moist site for yeast fungi to grow.

A regular time we see the vaginal rash happen is round the time of your periods. If you use tampons or sanitary towels and they are not removed or changed regular then a vaginal rash can occur. Your toilet habits may need changing too. Old habits die hard but where your health is concerned they need to be deadened pronto and new habits practiced. When you use the loo for bowel movement you need to clean from the vagina towards the anus. Clean thoroughly after weeing, not only because stale pee can be smelly but because the acidic effect in urine can cause irritation and skin rawness. This makes sense as you only have to think babies and nappy rash. Drying the genital area after washing is vitally important to prevent vaginal rash.

Rashes are common symptoms related to STDs (genital warts or herpes.) If you already have a rash round the vagina, try adding salt and vinegar to bath water. If you shower then do this using a basin and apply the solution by hand. Yeast infection is widely found in the armpits and between the toes as well as other body parts. Yeast fungus namely Candida can also infect the mouth, fingers, skin and throat. Candida albicans has been determined for the cause of vaginitis in some cases.

Symptoms of a yeast infection may include


Stinging when weeing

sexual intercourse discomfort

vaginal odor (not unpleasant)


Vulva/vagina itchiness

Pain urinating

Redness and swelling

Home treatments for particular vaginal infections may include nonprescription vaginal creams or suppositories. Fluconazole (Diflucan) tablets are effective for vaginal yeast infections, however can only be got via prescription.

Genital herpes cannot be ruled out if you have vaginal rash. It is a viral infection caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). It is sexually transmitted and is recognized through blisters and sores. HSV even though treated stays dormant in the body for life. Genital herpes cannot be rid completely.

Genital warts another condition affecting both men and women. They are caused by various types of human papillomavirus. HPV commonly affects the cervix, vagina, vulva, and anus. In men the penis is affected, the scrotum and anus. Main symptoms of genital warts are lumps which appear pinkish/white in color, or they can be larger and shaped like a cauliflower. To help keep vaginal infections away there are many things you can do and one of those is to turn to yogurt, yes you heard right, yogurt.

1 Replace sugar with yogurt. Yogurt contains good bacteria called acidophilus. Sugar promotes the type of bacteria that the yogurt bacteria attempt to destroy.

2 Infections can come about from sweat and oil build up, and by just merely bathing regular and keeping vaginal hygiene at its best can prevent sweat and body oils causing you problems. Do not douche as it is too harsh of a cleansing process, Douching may well remove bad bacteria, but at the same time takes good bacteria too. Inflammation is drawn to douching (vaginitis). Use a clean cloth and unscented soap to wash the inside of your vagina.

3 Using condoms helps keep the vagina clean and also protects against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

4 Wear cotton garments around the genitals.

5 Remove tampons at the time of menstruation regular. Aside from smell leaving tampons or forgetting about them can cause toxic shock syndrome. Toxic shock syndrome symptoms include rapid high fever, faintness, and loose diarrhea, headache, and muscle pain, however not a common condition, but one that has to be taken very seriously if it were to occur.

6 Soap can cause vaginal dryness. Warm water is enough to stay clean and fresh.

Personal hygiene is a beneficial feature that the body needs to stay in a healthy condition. A vaginal rash can cause discomfort if clothing comes in close contact with the infected area because the skin is sore and tender, and in some cases of severe vaginal rash it can appear red and angry looking.

If you don’t get your vaginal rash examined by a doctor, and make the decision to treat the problem yourself with over-the-counter medications or natural remedies, you should be aware that potential problems can happen from this. You need certainty of your health issue because while you may treating a yeast infection, in reality your vaginal rash may be as a result of something else, so therefore a correct diagnosis will keep you safe.