Vaginal Itching & Infections – Does Your Vagina Itch and Sting When You Pee

Whether the vagina is only a “titchy itchy” it can still mean something is wrong. Nonetheless the itch does not have to be something of a serious nature either. A vaginal itch can be caused by simple things like being allergic to the material of your underwear or that your jeans maybe too tight. Should the itch be one that has you aggressively clawing away at the skin near to tearing the flesh, and you know the cause is not that of cloth or tightness then you will have to have yourself checked over by your doctor? Vaginal itching is not uncommon nor are the reasons for the itch occurring and that being more times than not an infection.

Most common vaginal infection that includes itching and burning is thrush. It also causes the vagina/vulva to swell along with soreness.

Thrush is referred to as a yeast infection or candidiasis which is an overgrowth of yeast that brings a variety of nasty symptoms. Although the infection can be treated, it is known to come back, if this be the case in your case then seek medical help as it could be something more serious. We all have yeast in our bodies and if grows out of control, then thrush is usually the result.

All genders young and old carry yeast in and on their bodies without any problems. Yeast is notably known living in the intestines, vagina, mouth and skin. This may not sound healthy but the body has ‘friendly’ bacteria which help keep yeast levels low.

Soreness, swelling and redness are primary symptoms if delicate tissue of the vagina is infected. Thrush not only causes a stinging sensation when peeing but is painful too. The sting is due to inflamed tissues in the vagina. It is painful to have sex, sexual intercourse should not even be considered until the infection is cleared. Movement i.e. sitting and walking can because you pain. All women have a vaginal discharge and know what the norm is, but if thrush is present it can show up white and thick (not all the time) with a strong smell of yeast and like yoghurt to look at. It can also be watery with a light smell. Yeast thrives in warm, moist locations with low acidity and an ample supply of sugar.

Taking antibiotics can cause the infection.

Antibiotics kill friendly bacteria of which is needed to keep yeast levels low. Antibiotic drugs are prescribed to fight infections, but while doing so can kill ‘friendly’ bacteria, such as lactobacilli. Without lactobacilli, the balance in the vagina is upset giving cause to Candida.

1.Taking the birth control pill affects hormones which result in a woman`s ability to metabolize (process) sugar. Yeast feeds on sugar, and any extra supply in the body, will give reason for yeast to develop more. Because of this, they say taking the pill no longer augments a woman`s risk of thrush.

2. Women who suffer from diabetes are more likely to suffer because diabetes increases blood sugar levels, which may, in turn, higher the sugar level in vaginal secretions. Diabetic women normally have high sugar levels in their urine, therefore encouraging thrush by feeding on yeast

Like with most disorders and conditions the best effective way to keep healthy and keep disease at arm`s length is to eat healthily. A healthy well balanced diet along with light exercise is seeing off life threatening illnesses every day. Specific foods may have an impact on thrush. Some medics say sugar; dairy produce, coffee, tea and wine contribute to thrush by increasing urinary sugar.

You can relieve the itch using Aloe Vera which will also cool down burning around the vagina.

Treat the burning with cold water or ice cubes wrapped in a tee cloth. If it’s good enough for babies its good enough for you. Rub the outer lips of the vagina with nappy rash cream

Introduce to yourself and into to your daily routine the suggested below to help prevent thrush infection

Eat yoghurt with lactobacillus acidophilus, or take lactobacillus acidophilus supplements.

Never douche – the vagina is a self cleaning organ so douching is not necessary. Avoid using chemical based beauty products.

Wear cotton under wear or go commando if you have no cotton briefs. Wear loose clothing round the genital area.

Remove tampons regularly

After using the loo wipe from front to back. Candida in the bowel can infect the vagina causing infection.

You must not be embarrassed over having this infection; in fact you should not be embarrassed over any vaginal issue. Vaginal infections are very common indeed and so are the doctor appointments for women who wish to suffer no more. So make an appointment and ‘rid’ any worries, the pain and most importantly of the fear of telling your doctor.