Vaginal Fibroids

Vaginal fibroids may not be as common as uterine fibroids, but they are almost the same thing. The only difference really is the location of them. Uterine fibroids that attach themselves on the outer lining can be positioned to be inside the vaginal lining as well. There is also a parasitic uterine fibroid that attacks other organs that could attack the vagina as well. These may not move to the external areas, but they can attack the internal tubes quite easily. Besides the pain you will most likely experience the heavy menstrual flow during your cycle.

These fibroids can be extremely painful because of their location. Intercourse of any type can become excruciating under these circumstances. These can also grow to a size large enough to block off the tube which will cause constant pain, but also other medical issues when considering pregnancy and even monthly flow problems. The inability to urinate could also become a huge problem with this as well.

Vaginal fibroids can be a cause of great embarrassment as well as pain. Larger ones will almost certainly influence your sex life as well as leading to other medical issues that can become huge issues. You also need to realize that these do not happen overnight, and will most likely continue to grow until you hit menopause. The lack of estrogen in you system usually keeps the fibroids from growing any more, and some may become calcified. This might not make a huge difference to you if they are already causing problems before they become calcified.