Uterine Fibroids Diet – What You Should Eat If You Have Fibroids

If you have fibroids, you may be exploring your treatment options and like many women, you may be disappointed with the conventional treatments on offer. Indeed, there is little which can be done permanently for fibroids, with even surgery often resulting in re-growth within a few short months. However, following a uterine fibroids diet which includes fibroid-friendly foods and excludes known aggravators, you can help manage your symptoms considerably.

Fibroids form as a result of a number of factors, both primary and secondary, which happen to interact with our unique genetic make-up to trigger fibroid growth. Diet is a major contributory factor for many women and so it makes complete sense that eating the right kinds of food can help to reverse some of the damage which has been done.

In many ways, a uterine fibroids diet follows the principles of a generally healthy diet.

* Eat organic foods where possible

* Avoid foods with additives

* Eat only lean meats

* Avoid processed foods

* Eat moderate portions-avoid overloading the system even with healthy foods

* Avoid fish from polluted waters

* Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables

* Avoid dairy products

* Avoid refined carbohydrates and sugars

* Eat plenty of sprouting beans, such as aduki, lentils and barley

* Where possible, eat foods in their natural state

As well as what you should eat if you have fibroids, if you are following a uterine fibroids diet attention should be paid to what you drink. Filtered water is great for your system and will both hydrate your essential organs and act as a cleanser, by flushing impurities out of the system. Herbal teas, such a Chamomile and Dandelion a fine, but you should avoid caffeine, alcohol and sweetened fruit juices.

Dietary changes are just one part, albeit an important one, of the natural therapies you can try if you have fibroids. Also helpful are detoxification and cleansing protocols, stress management and alternative therapies such as acupressure and acupuncture.