Using the Art of Aromatherapy in the Treatment of Sprains, Strains and Broken Bones

It happens to all of us. We trip, we fall, we step off the stairs wrong, we do not pay attention to the hole in the road. The next thing we know is that we find ourselves splayed out on the sidewalk or street and in the best case scenario, at the doctor's office. In the worst case scenario, we find ourselves in the hospital with a sprain or a cast on our leg or arm, and usually quite a bit of pain to go with it.

Whether the diagnosis is a sprain or break, the suffering is great. The cast or bandaging does not allow us to return to normalcy. We can not even enjoy our shower and we have to depend on friends or family to perform even the simplest task. In both cases the healing time can last a few weeks to a few months. In some cases, even after removal of bandaging, the affected area is still swollen, hurting and causes severe and ongoing anguish. Those who have suffered severe breaks, continue to have problems for the rest of their lives.

According to the doctors, time heals all wounds. The sprain will heal after a couple of weeks. The sensitivity will last for a few more months, and then you'll be like new. But what are you to do in the meantime? The pain is still there and the affected part of the body does not function like it did before the injury. And painkillers are highly addictive and come with a variety of undesirable side effects.

I'm know all of this from personal experience. Several years ago I broke my elbow. This is an area that can not be casted so the arm is immobilized in a brace. The doctor explained that the arm will be bandaged for about a month and after that the bandages will be removed and I will need physiotherapy for a month or two in order to return the arm to full motion. But the doctor was wrong. After a month they x-rayed the arm and discovered the bone did not heal sufficiently. It is important to emphasize that I am in perfect health.

For the next three months I required weekly x-rays to monitor the healing process. The area was very slow to heal and I went from being a very independent person to being very dependent.

Since I had time on my hands, I started researching herbs and essential oils to find if there was a natural remedy that will help speed up the healing of bones and relieve the pain. I found such a remedy and had a mixture of oils formulated according to my recipe. This oil formula helps with any kind of bone injury, and is even helpful in easing arthritis pain. It helps speed up the body's natural healing and reduces the pain.

I have since tried this essential oil formula on several thousand people during and after an injury to the bone. I saw a man who had a concussion and refused to go to the hospital. I spread the oil on the affected area and the next day there was no evidence of the injury and no pain, it worked like a miracle. I also discovered that you can use this oil even if the area is bandaged. Just apply the essential oil blend to the exposed skin around the bandage or cast. The essential oils are absorbed through the bloodstream. Aromatherapy is a very powerful herbal healing modality, which compliments traditional medicine.

I highly recommend that you use this essential oil blend during and after any kind of bone injury. We promise, you will not be sorry!