Using Quotes In Your Scrapbook

Part of what differentiates a scrapbook from a photo album is the journaling. Photo albums are just that, an album with page after page of photos. A scrapbook is a book containing photos that tell a story. This story is often told through personal journaling about the photos.

Another way to help tell the story is to use quotes on your page. You can use quotes both within the layout and also as page titles.

Quotes come in several different forms. There are many websites which have pages and pages of famous quotes. Do a web search on any search engine. Often by flipping through the pages, you'll find a perfect quote that explains exactly how you felt at the time the photo was taken. Or you may find a quote that perfectly describes the events surrounding the photo on the page.

The other type of quotes are those quotes that happened during the taking of the photo. For example, I recently was on a guided tour. Several times our tour guide said something that I wrote down to use later, when creating my scrapbook. I knew that the words spoken by her were words I wanted to remember.

I have a friend who sends out a holiday newsletter each year. The newsletter is only quotes from what her family has said during the past year. It truly is one of the funniest things to read.

Sometimes you can create the quotes by using individual lettering, if the quote is short enough. Other times you'll need to find sheets of stickers with words and piece together the quote with individual words. Of course another option is to hand write the quote on pretty paper. Use a tracing tool and cut out a pretty shape on your paper to match the theme of the page and then hand write your quote. Attach the paper with the quote in the same manner you would attach an actual photo.

Listen to what others say when you are snapping photos. Very often the words spoken by others make wonderful additions to your scrapbook pages. Quoting others is not only a great way to journal about a photo, but it's also an incredible way to remember someone special in your life.

Be on the lookout for quotes and listen to what others say. Start adding these quotes to your scrapbook pages and you'll develop a new appreciation for your scrapbooks.