Using Massage Therapy With Essential Oils For Sprained Wrist Injuries And Wrist Tendinitis Relief

Sprained wrist injuries may be quite common, but that doesn’t lessen their inconvenience. The doctor will tell you that normally they will heal in five to six weeks.

In reality, the sprain can cause pain in the wrist joint (wrist tendonitis) for years to come. Using massage therapy with essential oils, many people have found the relief they’ve been looking for.

When there is a wrist sprain, acute pain can shoot up the arm every time the joint moves or bends. There also is inflammation and swelling in the joint making it harder to bend. This is nature’s way of giving some protection to the injury.

Alternating ice packs and then using oils on the injured joint for the first twenty four hours will give much relief and lessen the swelling.

A few of the oils that are anti-inflammatory along with top acute pain relieving attributes are Helichrysum Italicum, Elemi, Geranium and Helichrysum Gemnosephalum. Within seconds, relief can happen because essential oils work by following the nerves. So when pain deadening essential oils are applied, the pain begins to subside rather quickly.

Provided the wrist sprain does not require surgery, using pain relieving oils and lightly massaging it often can cause the swelling to go down. But even if there has to be surgery, it can heal quicker with the healing help of essential oils carefully massaged around the surgery site.

Then as soon as the incision is healed, massaging the area with the oils will cause the scar tissue to soften and be more flexible.

As the wrist injury heals, adhesion’s can form. Adhesions are small bits of sticky plasma that remains after the body has broken down and reabsorbed a bruise. The plasma sticks to the tissue fibers causing a restriction of blood flow, also constricting muscle mobility and nerve energy to the area. These pockets (adhesions) are usually the cause of pain in an old injury.

By massaging the wrist with essential oils that are anti-inflammatory, muscle adhesions are broken up so that the body can reabsorb them. At the same time the essential oils are helping heal the wrist injury, they rebuild the immune system and increase strength.

tendonitis can happen in old injuries and cause the joint and muscles around the joint to weaken and hurt.

The four grades of tendonitis are:

1. There is only pain after an activity

2. There is pain at the beginning of an activity then subsides during the activity and returns after the activity is finished.

3. There is pain that restricts activity and happens at the beginning, during and after.

4. The pain continually gets worse and interferes with daily living especially with activities.

There are many of the essential oils that are anti-inflammatory and are a healing sprained wrist treatment (new injury) or a wrist tendonitis treatment (old injury). It is best to choose oils that help heal the injury but are also known for their acute pain relieving qualities.

While using them to massage the affected sprained wrist, stretching the muscle and tendon/ligament carefully will help to keep some adhesions from forming.

Then after the sprain has healed, use deep tissue massage strokes. The anti-inflammatory, acute pain relieving essential oils along with the strokes help stretch the adhesions that occurred deeper into the joint and muscle. This treatment breaks up the plasma waste so it can be reabsorbed by the body.

By using essential oil massage therapy over time, an old wrist sprain can improve and heal.