Using Hair Treatment for Growth for Teen Hair Loss

As a teen you have enough troubles to contend with without the added embarrassment of losing hair. Teen hair loss can occur due to many factors but can be controlled with the proper treatment for growth and a few handy tips.

Causes of Teen Hair Loss

It is natural for you to focus on your appearance in order to boost your confidence. If you elect to avoid healthy eating habits in order to lose weight. Likewise some of you may revert to overeating to seek solace from peer pressure and other stresses of teen life. Both of these factors can contribute to teen hair loss. Other factors can include:

• Products: Many products contain harmful chemicals which ironically are designed to enhance the look of your hair. Although these chemicals can help you achieve the look you desire they can also be wreaking havoc with your hair’s natural proteins such as keratin.

• Styles: Complicated styles such as braids, tight and sever ponytails and other techniques can put undo stress on hair which can lead to excessive breakage as well as cause for it to fall out. Straightening and extreme styles like Mohawks can also have a damaging effect.

• Unhealthy Habits: Having unhealthy habits in your teens such as lack of sleep, smoking and drinking will all contribute also. Girls can also lose hair from taking oral contraceptives.

• Stress: Stress in general can also contribute. Although this not as common in teens avoiding stress will help.

• Lack of Exercise: Sitting around on the computer or watching television while texting all day can effect hair growth. Secretion of sebum is essential for hair growth and inactivity can slow production down.

Treatment for Growth for Teens

You can seek out hair treatment for growth to assist in growing back and maintaining a healthy, attractive head of hair. Treatment for growth products include:

• Provia 2

• Provillus

• Hair Loss Black Book System

Avoiding Hair Loss in Teens

You can avoid further loss by using these tips in hand with your hair treatment for growth:

• Avoid applying harmful chemicals to your hair and use oil treatments such as Argan Oil to keep it healthy.

• If your hair is brittle and dull have a hair cut to encourage growth.

• Avoid complicated hair styles or save them for special occasions.

• Eat a healthy diet rich in proteins, fats and carbs to get your essential vitamins and minerals.

• Do not take up smoking and drinking and prolong use of oral contraceptive. Condoms are recommended regardless for safe sex.

• Stay active and try to get at least 30-45 minutes of exercise a day.