Using Ginger to Help Shed Unwanted Pounds


Ginger, a popular ingredient that has been historically used in many Asian-originated dishes and recipes, can provide consumers with an array of health and wellness benefits. According to research and reports, Ginger can help the body's digestive function, assuage feelings of pain, and-most probably-even burn stored fat in the body! When consumed, studies show that Ginger can boost the body's metabolism by up to 20%, allowing consumers to lose weight more effectively and efficiently.

Ginger and its Fat Burning Benefits

To enhance the body's metabolism, dieters can easily add ginger to common recipes and favorite foods. When consumed, Ginger actually expands the body's blood vessels while boosting the body's overall heat and temperature. This process is called a "thermogenic" process, which describes the body's ability to burn off stored body fat in order to enhance energy levels and weight loss. As this thermogenic process takes place, the body's metabolism is boosted, allowing dieters to burn fat, eliminate consumed foods, and utilize calories more quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Adding to this, International Journal of Obesity, also supports the power of Ginger; according to their report, researchers discovered that Ginger forced the body's tissues to utilize more energy than they normally would expend, which potentially also leads to the metabolic, thermogenic, and fat burning results. Also, in addition to fat burning benefits, Ginger and its thermogenic stimulation also helps to detoxify the body, while it simultaneously boosts the body's circulation.

Additional Benefits of Ginger

Not only does Ginger destroy fat and boost weight loss, but this simple ingredient may also provide consumers with additional benefits, such as:

  • Ginger increases the body's temperature to prevent chilliness, coldness, or cold feet / hands. Oftentimes, cold hands or feet are due to poor circulation. As Ginger boosts the body's circulation and temperature level, dieters may experience enhanced feelings of comfort.
  • Ginger may alleviate symptoms and pains of heartburn.
  • Ginger may help prevent morning sickness, motion sickness, and / or nausea. According to studies and reports, Ginger has been shown to be more effective than most popular motion-sickness drugs. Adding to this, beverages containing Ginger, such as Ginger Ale, are common anodynes for the flu or stomach aches because of the comforting powers of this ingredient. Due to these benefits, many popular cruise ship chefs have started increasing their use of Ginger in foods and recipes.
  • Ginger also works as a natural meat preservative and tenderizer. This ingredient, when added to meat, improves the tendency of the food as Ginger breaks down the proteins in meats. Additionally, as Ginger kills some forms of bacteria while working as a conservative, some studies even show that, when in a test tube, Ginger was able to effectively kill off and destroy Salmonella bacteria.

Adding Ginger to Create Fat Burning Foods

To boost the weight loss [] benefits of some of your favorite foods, try adding Ginger to common recipes and meals such as:

  • Add Ginger to popular meat dishes, such as beef, chicken stir-fry, or pork recipes.
  • Add Ginger to baking recipes, as this ingredient is commonly already included in popular seasonal recipes, such as pumpkin bread or gingerbread cookies. During the non-seasonal times, experiment with new flavors by adding ginger to other breads or baked goods.
  • Add Ginger to beverages; for example, when drinking cocktails, try fighting the calories of alcohol by ordering a drink with Ginger Ale, and add some natural Ginger for an added boost.