Using Cold Flow Improvers to Help Your Business


If you run an international haulage firm, the dangers of operating vehicles in extremely cold temperatures will be a familiar problem. Diesel needs to be at a warm enough temperature to remain in liquid form, otherwise it could crystalise. This could cause damage the engine, stop the driver from being able to fill the vehicle up at a gas station or stop the lorry from working altogether.

The waxy crystals form when the temperatures drop below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, which means it can be a common problem in countries like Canada and Russia.

One way to avoid the crystallisation and its resulting problems is to use diesel additives, such as Cold Flow Improvers.

These are chemicals that work by reducing the shape and size of the crystals. In turn, this keeps the fuel in its liquid form and helps it to flow through and reach the engine filters. In doing so, this will ensure the vehicle can keep going.

It is not just international haulage firms that benefit, either. Cold Flow Improvers have been used in factory generators and other vehicles. In addition, chemical compound also ensures that diesel can be stored even in extremely cold conditions, so that it can be used whenever it is needed.

The benefits

– It ensures fuel stays in liquid form, meaning it will still pour in cold temperatures

– Drivers are safer because their vehicles are less likely to break down

– There’s less risk of needing to make expensive vehicle repairs

– Cold Flow Improvers are commonly cheaper than other diesel additives

– You can store fuel and know that it will be ready for use, no matter how cold

– Generators and other equipment that requires diesel can also run smoothly using them

Do you think Cold Flow Improvers could help your business? Maybe you want more information on alternative diesel additives. If so, maybe it is time to find out how you could benefit.