Uses Of Different Natural Herbs


Herb comes from a Sanskrit word which means “to eat”. Natural herbs are extracted from plants that come in the mild zone. In the present era, herbs are used for making color or flavor, but as we look at the history, they were used as medicines. In the ancient period, they have been used for various purposes. These include using them as medicines, food, cosmetics, poisons, clothing, drinks and making paper. Our forefathers were totally dependent on using natural or organic herbs for all their uses. Using natural herbs for their daily uses made them aware of their properties.

One of the most important merits of using herbs is that they simply pass through the body without causing any harm. Treatment using natural herbs has no side effects. Cinnamon is a natural herb which helps in reducing blood sugar in diabetic patients. It also cuts down triglycerides by 23% and cholesterol by 13%. Ginger has the property to reduce nausea which is caused by motion sickness, pregnancy and chemotherapy. It also acts as an antioxidant which helps in preventing the effects of serotonin that is caused due to nausea. Garlic is used for high blood pressure. Grapeseed, bilberry and bitter melon are used to strengthen capillaries.

Some of the natural herbs and their uses are mentioned below:

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a plant which is used for various medicinal purposes. It acts as a solution to various disorders in the body. Aloe Vera gel is used to smoothen skin, lighten and remove the dark spots. It helps in increasing the immunity of the body and used for indigestion, reduces cholesterol, minimizes inflammation, strengthens gums and removes the infection in the eyes and the ear. It can be used as a conditioner for healthy hair.

Brahmi powder

Brahmi comes in the category of edible plant. Its powder can be used for various purposes such as treatment of skin, lungs, kidneys and most important brain. It is a natural herb which helps in reducing stress and keeps us physically and mentally healthy. It is used as a memory enhancer, improves concentration and also used in curing insomnia. It is also used to make your hair thick and strong. It other uses include curing diseases such as diarrhea, fever, orchitis, dysentery, scrofula, leprosy, nervous debility, jaundice and seminal weakness.

Curry leaves powder

It contains various nutritional elements and is used in adding flavor and aroma to the food. The powder form of curry leaves can be used both as a spice and herb. It helps in relieving diarrhea, kidney problems and dysentery. The roots of this plant can be used for people suffering from diabetes. When it is boiled with milk and used with turmeric, it helps to cure skin diseases, rashes, infections and acne.


Henna is categorized as a flowering plant and its leaves are crushed to make it usable for many purposes. It is used for dyeing hair and used for making fabrics such as silk, leather and wool. It primary use is to remove dandruff from the hair and helps in curing fungal infections and wounds. It is also used as a liver tonic, remove burn marks and cure leprosy and intestinal ulcers.

Conclusion – You can easily find many herbs which possess medicinal properties. All you require is to figure out which herb to use and for which condition. Consult with your doctor and you would be on your path to cure your disease with all available natural herbs.