Use the Best Positions to Please Your Woman With Oral Sex


One of the most tried and true ways to please your woman is through oral sex because of the intimacy of it. Use your tongue on her body in a gentle way. Women would rather have their man touch the softly and oral sex is simply amazing. There are different techniques to use when performing oral sex. Learn how to increase a woman’s chance of reaching an orgasm with these methods and give her even more pleasure.

First, you need to know the best positions for performing oral sex. Lay your woman down on her back. As her entire body is exposed to you, this is a very intimate position.

Second, with you lying on your back, have your woman straddle your face. She will have more control over the situation which may excite her even more. With this position, you won’t risk being worn out. Since stimulation is constantly given, her chances of reaching max climax increase.

Third, lay on your back. Have your woman straddle you facing the opposite direction. Once again, you are in control and can reach every corner of her from behind.

To add variety and spice to your relationship, you really should try all the positions. This way, you will also find out which one both of you enjoy it more. By satisfying her with oral sex you will find that she will think about you more throughout the day. It might sound strange but a good communication between partners will help both partners achieve a healthy, happy sex life.