Use Sleeping Hypnosis To Solve Your Insomnia Problem

If you have trouble sleeping at night you are not alone. What you may not realize is that self-hypnosis can help you with this problem. Sleeping hypnosis is designed to assist you in dropping off to sleep and sleeping through the night. Sleep is important so that you can function properly during the day. Without sufficient sleep you go through life like a zombie and live a life that hardly seems worth living.

Helping sleep problems with self-hypnosis is only slightly different than dealing with other kinds of problems. In dealing with sleep issues you do the induction as you normally would and then go into your script. You do not however count yourself out of the trance but rather allow it to continue and turn into normal sleep. This is possible because of the close similarity between the hypnotic state and normal sleep.

Begin your induction by slowing down your breathing by taking deep, slow, and regular breaths as you breathe this way imagine yourself traveling down in an elevator, as you pass each floor you see the number, 10, 9, the numbers go by slowly as you count down; your body relaxes more and more as you count down. By the time you reach the first floor you will be at some level of hypnosis. Whether it is a light trance or a deep one is not important.

Now you begin your script and your visualization, in this scenario you see yourself sleeping deeply all night long. As you lay there you imagine that you are having a pleasant dream. Perhaps you are on a beach at sunset and you can hear the relaxing sound of the waves as they go in and out. As the sun sinks away slowly you sink deeper and deeper into sleep. You continue the scene, your manufactured dream if you will and let it carry you deeper and deeper asleep. As long as any part of you maintains awareness acknowledge the dream and let it carry you away. If you have problems sleeping due to any sort of fear you can address those fears in the session too. In this case see yourself overcoming the fear and sleeping safely and peacefully as a result.

You simply keep up the dream and some suggestions about being relaxed and sleepy and you never enter the part where you exit the state. Rather you keep to the dream and relaxation suggestions. You know that you are safe and secure and that you will awaken in the morning refreshed and full of energy. These are the basics of sleeping hypnosis and your plan of how to deal with your sleep problems.