Urticarial Rash – How To Identify Urticarial Rashes

Acute Urticaria is an allergy caused by the exposure to pets, bee and wasp sting, horses, latex rubber, food, shellfish, nuts, fruit and dairy products. Allopathic medicines like penicillin, tetracycline, sulphonamide and cephalosporins, blood pressure medicines (ACE inhibitors, diuretics), codeine and aspiring cause Urticarial rashes, which in later stages turns into chronic Urticaria.

Hepatitis B and some glandular fevers, fungal infections also cause the Urticaria or hives. Among the children and infants mosquito bites, fleas, midges are one of the causes.

Chronic Urticaria is difficult to identify. Food allergies are the common cause but delayed pressure, sun light, contaminated air and water and food additives and preservatives also trigger the hives. Sodium silicate, salicylate, sodium benzoate, artificial food colors and nitrates also play a welcoming role to the Urticaria of chronic extent. Here we notice, that one of the major causes is the induction of chemical and allopathic treatments in our daily life and people overlook the importance of herbal and homeopathic cures which often lay within their access and in nature all around us. The chronic Urticaria is due to the production of “anti-bodies” which in turn attack specific mast cells in our skin and tissues causing an enormous release of histamine.

Result is the development and erection of blotchy rashes almost red in color accompanied with severe inflammation, causing itching and later on pain.

Urticarial rash is clearly identified due to its development behaviour and physical symptoms. Lesions move about every twenty four hours and migrate around the body. In severe cases such as chronic disorder, severe itchiness, pain occurs which further occurs into sleeplessness and stress and disturbance which further trigger the disease.

Urticarial rash tends has a fluctuating behavior. Sometimes it settles down and again but suddenly it relapses again with viral illness. People often take aspirin to cut down the depression, headache or pain but in return aspirin, an allopathic medicine; it triggers the Urticaria rash to an extent of pain. Chronic Urticaria may keep its cycle continue for five years in case the medication is based on allopathic treatment, therefore “nip the evil in the bud” factor cure is only homeopathic and herbal.

Only a skilled Homeopathic doctor’s advice can help in the permanent cure that is “rooting out” the disease. Antihistamines may have some temporary cure but that is never required in any disease, because temporary cure is no alternative or can ever be a substitute to a permanent cure.