Urticaria Treatment Methods – 5 Effective, Little Known Urticaria Treatment Tips

If your anything like me then your probably still looking for an urticaria treatment that actually works. Perhaps urticaria is new to you or maybe like many of us you have had to endure chronic urticaria for some time, even years in many cases.

Finding a solution or urticaria remedy is by no means an easy task. Traditional urticaria treatments consist of simple over the counter antihistamine through to courses of steroids, all the way to the extreme end of the spectrum, I’m talking about immune suppressants here, in case you were wondering.

Traditional Urticaria Treatments For Acute Urticaria

But without exception these traditional urticaria treatments are not designed as an urticaria cure, what they actually do is address or mask your urticaria symptoms, these urticaria treatments are known as symptomatic. Of course there’s nothing wrong with using such medications, in fact I would go as far as to say that many of these traditional urticaria treatment methods are invaluable at certain periods, especially for rare acute episodes or perhaps to dissipate symptoms of a serious attack.

Not Just an Allergy

It is typically very hard to treat the actual cause of urticaria as the condition has always been associated with allergies, and, well we all seem to be allergic to different things. The good news is that in recent years research has taken a closer look at our condition. It is now apparent that chronic urticaria is actually an autoimmune disorder, so we could call most cases of chronic urticaria… Autoimmune urticaria.

Perhaps knowing you have an autoimmune condition instead of just a simple allergy scares some people, but it shouldn’t. Knowing where the problem begins can offer many of us real hope for an urticaria treatment to be developed. But for those of you who don’t really feel like waiting for the large drug companies to pull their fingers out, why not try a natural or alternative urticaria treatment.

The following uticaria treatment tips may offer you some much needed relief. I wouldn’t call any of them a permanent urticaria cure but they may help reduce or relive urticaria symptoms.

5 Urticaria Treatment Tips

#1. Sea Salt: Add around 6 grams of sea salt to an 8 ounce glass of warm water and drink. This urticaria treatment may make some people feel nauseous, in some cases it may actually make you vomit, but it can produce some good results & vomiting although extreme is actually better. The sea salt is good for flushing toxins and helps with digestive, gastric problems.

#2. Cornstarch & Baking soda: Add half a cup of each to your bath or reduce quantities and mix with water to apply the your urticarial wheals, hives etc. Socking in or applying this solution will normally reduce the inflammation and stop the irritation and itching sensation.

#3. Niacin: Niacin is something you can buy cheaply as a supplement and is best used as an urticaria treatment when your urticaria is starting, I.e. when you feel the urticarial wheals & hives start to form on your skin. Niacin can be found in vitamin B, but I have had my best results by using the supplement on it’s own.

Whenever I feel an attack of urticaria start to come on I take 100mg (1 capsule). I can’t say exactly how it works, but from what I have read the Niacin appears to burn up all excess histamine. I should also point out that your skin may feel like it’s on fire for about 15 minutes, this is normal and quickly passes, after which you should see your urticaria symptoms start to clear up, well that’s how it was for me anyway.

#4. Cayenne pepper: use Cayenne pepper in it’s natural form rather than as a capsule. Using cayenne pepper as an urticaria treatment can help reduce inflammation & urticaria symptoms.

#5. Vitamin D: Vitamin D2 worked wonders for me, you must be careful that you only use the d2 supplement, this is a synthetic version of what the sun provides, It can also help people with solar urticaria (in most cases). Personally to gain results and to utilise this supplement as an urticaria remedy I took it in high doses, this worked for me, however I will refrain from revealing the exact dose as it is above recommended daily guidelines. I’ve read so many good things about this method, it has even been used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with success in many cases.

These are all natural ways to treat your urticaria, each one can be used as a simple and cheap urticaria treatment, however the best urticaria treatment has to be prevention. Treating urticaria at the root problem offers urticaria sufferers their best possible chance of permanent relief.

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