Urgent Care Centers Versus Hospitals – The Staff Infection Question


It is one of the dark secrets of today's hospital environment. Staff infections that can kill and cripple and every day people who enter hospitals all over the globe for minor treatments are contracting them. Hospitals do their best to control them but the fact remains and that is that they can never be completely eliminated.

The risk of Infection

Also, one more alarming fact about staff infections is that as time passes that they are becoming more resistant to treatment with antibiotics. What this means is that anyone with an open wound in a hospital today is at risk of contracting a fast moving infection that quite literally can not be stopped.

Flesh Eating Bacteria

Of them all, what is commonly referred to as "flesh eating bacteria" is possibly the most dreaded. Once it is contracted it moves so quickly that a hole the size of an orange can be eaten into a persons body in less than a day.

One New Option

One option that an increasing number of people in need of minor emergency care are taking to avoid contact with these new forms of staff infection is to seek care at local urgent care centers in their community. So what makes these local clinic so different with regards to staff infection rates?

Far Less Risk

Its quite simple. They are much smaller and do not keep patients overnight. In short what this means is that the chances of there being a person infected with one of these transmissible forms of infection being housed at one of the local clinics is nill.

All Hospitals in the US and Canada

Also their smaller size makes them more capable to deal with these types of sterility issues. The fact, is that every hospital in the US and Canada has these types of viruses lurking in them and to close them down completely to attempt to completely eradicate them is just not an option.