Upside Down Economy – Public Workers Taking Over Unions as Production Workers Fade Away

Even when unions were arrogant over twenty years ago, the average non union worker was better off. The private sector production workers are now just a small part of the total union population.

The Teamsters and service workers’ withdrawal from the AFL-CIO is truly a historical happening. The United States has gone through the most massive   dislocation  of jobs in history, while workers were told it was a good thing. Our federal government seeded the moving of factories outside this country starting in 1956, while the AFL-CIO kept supporting people like President Bill Clinton and Sen. John Kerry, who led the way in passing of the unfair NAFTA and GATT trade agreement that betrayed workers. The American Workers won World War 2 but over fifty years later the American Workers have lost it with millions of workers losing their jobs.

Finally the story is being told. While the AFL-CIO was considered to be the union of Steel-workers and other production workers, the membership of these groups dwindled to only 15 percent of the total union population, with the public-sector workers making up close to 50 percent.

Public workers never should have been part of the AFL-CIO. They are paid my the taxpayers. The taxpayers are their employer.

AFL-CIO President John Sweeney came from the service and retail unions and was never in sync with the production workers. He led the way in making contribution to politicians, tools of change that never worked. He was in denial about millions losing their jobs due to Free Trade and Globalization. Perhaps, he was looking at a worldwide drive for union membership. This is only conjecture but one has to wonder why he supported those who led the way for Free Trade which devastated the union membership in the USA.

With this defection of the Teamsters and services union members, workers get a chance to regain their identities. If you are going to blame the unions for our economic problems, you unfortunately have to point your finger at teachers, police, fire workers and other public servants who in many cases now make twice as much as the people they serve. However, Free Trade will soon reach their front door too. Contract workers stand ready to take these jobs for lower pay with no pensions.

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