Upper Back Pain of the Lungs

Back pains are no joke. When these pains occur in the upper back, then it may be an indication of serious problems in the respiratory system, especially the lungs. Lungs are to be found in the rib cage next to the heart. Any anomaly in the lungs will therefore cause pain to the chest as well as to the lungs.

Pain in the lungs may be brought about by diseases like pneumonia and tuberculosis, which causes inflammation in the lungs. People suffering from lung cancer and chronic coughs also experience back pain. Sudden injuries from accidents may also cause upper back pain. One stands a higher chance of experiencing back pain if there is history of back pains in the family.

Patients experiencing this pain should enlist the services of a qualified doctor who will make a correct diagnosis after taking X rays and MRI scan. Thus, the doctor is able to prescribe medication that not only relieves the pain but also cures the disease causing the pain. Chronic pain in the lungs may be remedied using massage, hot water and ice therapy and also using the physical and chiropractic theories. In order to avoid upper back pain, one should avoid smoking. Also, one should engage in regular exercises.

Treatment of upper back pain in the lungs usually takes a long time. Relying only on medication is not advisable because it only provides short term relief. Sometimes, even the doctors may fail to provide a permanent solution. In this case, one is advised to exercise regularly, avoid strenuous tasks, take medication when required and eat a balanced diet to stay in good health.