Unraveling Autism


Autism is a developmental condition that is characterized by poor communication and social interaction. While the condition is present at birth, the signs start showing when the child is 2-3 years old.

What causes autism?

A few years ago, no one knew what causes the condition. This is no longer the case. The condition is thought about by many factors that include:

Genetic problems : Experts believe that the condition is thought about by presence of multiple genes interacting with each other. The genes cause the baby's brain to develop abnormally in the uterus.

Environmental factors : These are factors that influence the child at the time of conception, during pregnancy and during birth. One of the most common factors that has been shown to bring about the condition is deprivation of oxygen during pregnancy or during birth.

Signs that your child has autism

As mentioned, the signs of the condition start showing at the age of 2-3 years. Tell tale signs that your child might be having the condition include:

Poor social skills : Autistic children have been shown to have a difficult time interpreting other people emotions. They are also unable to hold eye contact, conversations, and can not even respond to their name. In most cases, they like being alone.

Language : It's common for autistic children to talk in a sing-song or robotic voice. In some cases they are unable to speak properly. In some cases they do not talk at all. According to experts, the child might use words that they hear without understanding their meaning.

Behavior : Children with autism often rock back and forth, bite themselves or others, spin around, flap their arms, and bang their heads on objects. It's also common for them to stare at objects for long periods of time.

Treatment of autism

There is no known cure for the condition but with early detection, the child can be taken through therapy where he / she can learn a wide range of skills such as making eye contact, hugging and others that show confidence and emotion. The most common therapies include:

Occupational therapy : It helps the autistic child in many ways including: improving play skills, transition to new activities, attention, stamina, aggression, interaction between the child and caregivers, responses to touch and other stimuli, and motor skills such as balance, posture and manipulation of small objects.

Speech therapy : From its name, this is a form of therapy that is aimed at helping the child fix the language problem and speech disorders. Many techniques are used in fixing the problem. They include: electronic talkers, picture boards, typing, signaling, sounds of people, song and many others.


This is what you need to know about autism and the treatment options that are available. While there is not a cure for the condition, studies show that with early identification of the problem, it is possible for the child to live a normal life.