Unexplained Bruises – Dangerous Bruises and What You Must Know

Bruises can be gotten easily by being knocking yourself into things. Sharp edges, protruding objects from furniture at home are the main culprit. These are blue and black spots that result, that are being called bruises. However, there are certain unexplained bruises which can be dangerous.

If you find a bruise or multiple bruises that seem to have appeared immediately from the slightest touch, you should really consult your doctor. This is the dangerous kind of bruise mentioned earlier.

‘Senile purpura’

Yes, older people suffer from this more. This condition is also known as “bruises of the elderly”. As humans age, collagen (elastic fiber) that gives the skin and blood vessels the supple properties, become thinner. When blood vessels become thin, blood is able to seep through the vessel walls. Internally, this will cause large blue black or bruises for the whole body part (an entire leg or arm). They look frightening and treatment should not be delayed. It is the norm for one of old age symptoms. In fact, they are common. Treatments for the ‘senile purpura’ is the same for caring for a normal bruise.


Beware of taking too much aspirins or acetaminophen. These drugs can cause sudden bruises. They contain anticoagulants, which is a blood thinning agent. Taken in excess, you will see that bruises will more likely happen.

Blood disorders

Hematological, or blood related problems, e.g. low platelet count. These may appear as bruising at first. Platelets are blood cells that aid in blood clotting (a good thing, to stop bleeding). Bruises may also indicate leukemia or cancer of the blood.

Vitamin K deficiency

That said, if you do not consume enough Vitamin K, you will lack proper blood clotting abilities. Bruising often times propose that your body needs more Vitamin K.