Understanding Depression – Part II

Unfortunately, in our times, many people are finding it difficult to get the right motivation to overcome the difficult times. At the same time, the media is fueling the widespread half- knowledge of the existence of something like "depression." The Pharmaceutical industry is pushing newer and expensive drugs each day into the market and the 'over-zealous' doctors are more than eager to prescribe antidepressants, anxiolytics and mood- stabilizers. With this, it is easier for weak-willed individuals to label themselves as "depressives," as that deprives them of taking the responsibility to go out of their way way for setting their life right.

Add to this the withering family and social support that used to be the natural "antidepressant" for ages. It seems like almost every one is in competition with everyone else. It may be education, money, gadgets, cars, mansions, children's performances, quality of clothes, brands, foreign trips, looks, spouses, the restaurants we eat in, the parties that we attend, the clubs that we belong to and something as insignificant as the schools our children attend … our generation seems to be in a state of competition about anything and everything. Continued unhealthy competition means continuous unhealthy stress and stress means imbalance.

We feel incompetent or insignificant about something or the other compared to someone or the other at sometimes or the other. We want to control or be in control … it's a kind of psychological race that all or at least majority of us seems to be running in.

Manipulation seems to be our basic need. Some do it knowingly, others- unknowingly, but none of the relationships seem to be healthy enough to feel safe and strong. We are so insecure that we do not trust in "letting go." We want to change the others, we want things "our way," we want to be in control of things and people.

But that is not what life is all about. This is a place for individuals. And each individual is different in needs, desires, wants, abilities, interests, aptitude, drive, motivations, aspirations, strengths, looks, family … in every possible way. Millions of people means millions of ways of life which in turn means so many ways of feeling bad about ourselves and our situation.

Unfortunately, our culture encourages "externalization" and looks down upon "internalizing." None is encouraged to think about self or talk about self. This, in addition to the effects of an unbridled competitive environment and a lack of family and social support, seems to be majorly responsible for the conversion of everyday maladies to mild, moderate or severe depression.

TREATMENT: On the positive side, Depression is one of the fully treatable conditions. Counseling, Psychotherapy, Medication and Electroconvulsive treatment used in proper combination under expert guidance can help with sure and complete recovery. However, prevention is better, always better as the sufferings can give a person serious setbacks.

In the next part we will talk about the most important factor – PREVENTION.