Understanding Anxiety Attack Heart Problems


Anxiety attack heart problems refer to any type of problem affecting your cardiovascular system that is caused by an anxiety or panic attack. With the way panic attacks work, it is not surprising that people experience anxiety attack heart problems and that these are the cause of most of the heart attacks and cardiovascular problems in the United States. Of course, anxiety and panic attacks can cause problems in other parts of your body also. The main danger of anxiety and panic attacks is how it affects your heart and the way your blood flows through your body.

Panic and anxiety attacks cause people to be very fearful and frightened, s and experience a variety of paralysis symptoms that cause people to freeze. That is where the term "frozen with fear" comes from. It describes an anxiety attack perfectly. The symptoms can include feeling shaky, trembling, having chills, feeling numb, a racing heart, and problems breathing. These symptoms can be debilitating.

Anxiety attack heart problems commonly occur because of the relationship these problems have with heart problems. When people experience cardiac problems or heart problems including low blood pressure, they can become anxious because this affects the whole body. What happens in these situations is that the heart starts pumping slower than normal so there is less blood flow through the body. Another problem with anxiety and heart problems occurs when people have MVP or mitral valve prolapse.

A panic attack can occur when your body experiences the "fight or flight" response. This is a biological reaction that goes back to the times when people had to react quickly to dangerous situations. Fight or flight causes the body to respond in a variety of ways because the body needs energy to respond. What happens is that the heart races, blood flows faster, and senses of sight and smell are elevated. Also, the muscles become tense as the reaction spreads through the body.

Panic attack heart problems can occur when the heart is responding to signals from the brain telling it to speed up as part of the fight or flight reaction. That can cause the body to shut down because it can not handle the pressure. When this happens, the heart starts again and slows down in order to help the body calm down and then it speeds up again and the cycle continues. This is the cause of anxiety attack heart problems.