Understand Puppy Vomiting

If you see your new dog  vomit  all over the place, I can assure you that it is not a pleasant experience that you want to have. Unfortunately, your pet cannot communicate verbally with you and let you know how they are feeling or how long they have felt that way so you are left guessing. There are many outside things that can influence your puppy to  vomit  and I will give you a few examples.

It is very naturally for a puppy to explore things using his/he mouth. It is no doubt that he/her will try to ingest things like pencils, shoes, toys and some small devices. You should be more worrying about the possibility of your dog could have upset stomach due to indigestible items rather than the mess that you have to clean up. Find out the evidence is the very first thing that you have to do to understand that you dog has actually eaten something not appropriate. When you find out that your dog is  vomiting  because have eaten foreign objects, you only have 1 option which is bringing your dog to vet.

In some cases, puppy  vomiting  can also due to a change of dog food. Some dog owners suggest that this reaction can only happen to purebred dog. But, I believe that it may happen to mixed breed dogs too. If you faced this type of puppy  vomiting , you are left with 2 options. You may wait for your dog to adjust itself with the food or you may change the dog food back to the original one.

There are also common parasites that may cause your dog to  vomit . This is easy to recognize as you are able to see worms or other parasites from the  vomit  itself. Normally in this type of case, you have a choice either to buy the medicine from over the counter or bring your dog to see a vet. I believe that your dog will only need sometime to recover. Sometimes, the  vomiting  due to worms can be more serious than you think. So, visiting a vet should be the best option. If your dog’s condition is still not improving in a couple of days, then you should really bring him visit a vet.

No doubt that dog  vomiting  can be happening due to many reasons. One of the most serious conditions is parvo virus. This is a disease commonly passed from dog to dog, it is highly communicable and in many cases, the animal will not survive. Although puppies are protected by antibodies from their mum, this antibodies will decrease when the puppy grows up. Therefore, they need extra vaccination to protect against this virus. In addition to your puppy  vomiting , they will be lethargic, feverish, avoid food and have diarrhea that is often bloody. If you want your dog to be always healthy, you should always visit your vet and discuss about the possible health problems and also the schedule of puppy vaccination.

The simple listings above are just some of the common puppy  vomiting  causes, but, there are more reasons that can cause  vomiting . Most cases of  vomiting  are not life threatening, however if the throwing up is accompanied by other symptoms such as diarrhea, lethargy and fever you will want to get your puppy checked out immediately.