Unbelievable Facts About Morbid Obesity

Morbid Obesity is becoming a growing problem all over the world. Individuals that carry 100 or more pounds of excess weight or those with BMI’s over 40 are becoming more and more common in everyday life.

There are a lot of shocking facts about morbid obesity. For example morbid obesity is extremely costly to most of the economies of the world. In the United States, obesity is estimated to cost the economy more than $120 billion annually. These are costs in medical bills, days off work, personal care etc…

And the epidemic is still on the rise in the United States, where approximately, one hundred and thirty million adult Americans are overweight and more than ten million are morbidly obese.

The same patterns are appearing in other industrialised countries of the world where there are more morbid obesity related facts to consider. For example the United Kingdom has seen a shocking doubling of cases of obesity between 1980 and 1985. In Japan the numbers have doubled in the last twenty years in both men and women. This trend is more or less repeated in most developed and developing countries.

But what are facts the about morbid obesity? Why is it so dangerous?

Morbid obesity is a serious medical condition where an individual carries a huge amount of excess weight. This can put an unbelievable amount of strain on the body as a whole, which can result in a number of serious health problems. A study done on a group of morbidly obese men showed a twelve fold increase in mortality in the younger group of men aged twenty-five to thirty-four and a six-fold increase in the group aged thirty-five to forty. Morbid obesity is a dangerous state to be in for an extended period of time.

The list of related diseases connected to been extremely overweight is endless. Gastro-intestinal, arthritis, respiratory abnormalities, cardiac disease, cancers, the list goes on…

Every organ in body is affected by the pressure put on it by the extra weight carried by a morbidly obese person.

Morbid obesity costs on both a personal and social level.

The root causes of the growing trend towards a fatter, more heavier world has to be tackled on two fronts. At a local level, people have to be educated about the dangers of obesity, but at an international level the larger global issues need to tackled by the people in power. Primarily the food industry has to be controlled. They shouldn’t be allowed to exploit the masses in the name of enterprise and profit. Government has a responsibility to make sure their influence is curbed.

Before the growth of morbid obesity can be controlled, a number of essential cultural issues have to be dealt with. Certain types of junk food needs to relegated from a socially acceptable form of food to a type that is stigmatized for its unhealthiness.