Ultra X7 4-stroke


It is true that pocket bikes are not as fast as motorcycles – but then again they are not meant to be cruised around in on the road with life size vehicles. You need the power so that you can perform great tricks and use it to race against others and their pocket bikes.

The X7 4-Stroke is one of the more popular super pocket bikes on the market. This particular bike’s design was based on the X7 Bullet – which is also a very popular bike. In fact engineers only improved upon it – but did not feel the need to change many details. True to its name it is built with a 4-Stroke 110cc engine that adds even more power to it.

The bike also has a stronger and more fuller racing frame that gives it the ability to handle higher torque and more horsepower. This allows you to race at higher speeds without having to feel the power taking over the bike.

The engine has a high displacement that comes in handy with a bike that is so low in weight. Now drivers can easily ride alongside the more expensive super pocket bike models. It has a top speed of 55+ mph and is built with an automatic transmission and well balanced chassis.

It has also been built with a heavy duty drive train that allows the driver to handle sharp curves without wiping out and maximum durability and power output. Dual hydraulic disc brakes are equipped in the front and rear of the bike and help the driver to stop on a dime.

As with most bikes it also features dual head lights, turning signals, brake and tail lights, electric starter, a horn, full analog gauges, and a ZR motorcycle alternator.