Types of Insomnia and Their Causes

Insomnia or sleeplessness is the difficulty experienced in falling asleep. There are several reasons that may cause this condition. Knowing the different type of insomnia will help you to better understand the responsible factors.

Types of Insomnia

1. Sleep Onset Insomnia – It is also called delayed sleep phase syndrome. In this case, the patient feels sleeplessness because he delays the major sleep episode and this delay causes sleeplessness and difficulty in getting up at the desired time.

2. Psycho-Physiological Insomnia – It is caused due to anxiety or psychological problem which creates physical symptoms and prevents sleep.

3. Childhood Insomnia – This type of insomnia is further divided into two types – limit- setting sleep disorder and sleep-onset association disorder.

4. Altitude Insomnia – This type of insomnia is an acute version of insomnia, short-lived but intense, accompanied by symptoms of headache, fatigue, and loss of appetite, all occurring when you move to high altitudes.

5. Stimulant-Dependent Sleep Disorder – This type of insomnia is caused by using drugs that stimulate the nervous system. The person becomes addicted to their use and fails to get sleep when abstinence from the drug is practiced.

6. Food Allergy Insomnia – This type of insomnia results as an allergic response to certain foods.

7. Idiopathic Insomnia – In this type of insomnia the nervous system becomes incapable of controlling the sleeping and waking mechanism of the body. The result is a lifelong failure to get proper sleep. It usually starts in early childhood.

8. Toxin-Induced Sleep Disorder – This type of insomnia is caused by the presence of certain environmental factors in the surrounding e.g. noise, smell, smoke etc.

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