Types of Bacteria

Many of us think that bacteria are organisms with no benefits at all and actually bring harm and diseases. Partly that is true. However, their benefits are also incomparable to other things. This is the reason why different types of bacteria are either divided into harmful or beneficial.

Beneficial types of bacteria include; brevibacterium which provides carbon during fermentation and also helps in complexity and acidity in beer, Pseudomonas Syringe that is used for formation of frost and it’s normally found in grass and leaves, Caulobacter Crescentus used in making natural and non toxic adhesive.

Harmful ones on the other hand includes; Streptococcus bacteria strep throat and pneumonia. Group A and B of streptococcus bacteria that causes scarlet fever, rheumatic fever and problems in female reproductive system. Generally, this organisms are classified into three depending on their shape. Nevertheless, some do not have different shapes and therefore a bit difficult to classify them according to shape. However, the major classes are rod shaped, sphere shaped and spiral shaped.

As per scientists, different types of bacteria are classified according to the phyla that in turn corresponds to various species of bacteria or according to the environment they live in. On the other hand, the Gram staining method classifies them into two types i.e Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria. They’re also classified according to their growth and reproduction.Some bacteria require oxygen for their survival while others do not. Those that require oxygen so as to survive are classified as aerobic and those that do not are anaerobic bacteria.