Type 2 Diabetes – Take Control: It's Your Life


You may be in a tough situation. You are overweight, have high blood pressure, and high blood cholesterol readings and based on what your doctor has told you; you have every reason to panic. How could you have waited so long to do something about these issues?

You may have Type 2 diabetes. You should have visited the doctor when you first realized something was not right. You were taking more trips to the bathroom, or you felt tingling in your feet and fingers. Now, who knows what sort of damage has occurred. You fear for your well-being. These are just two scenarios of an endless number that afflict individuals all around the world. Are they fixable? Many are. That is the only fact that matters at this point. However, nobody can fix it but the individual.

Only you can right your wrongs. Only you can do what is necessary to get your health back on track. Perhaps you have not thought about someone else fixing your problems for you. Sure, it would be great, but it is far from a realistic anticipation. What you may be guilty of, however, is being a bystander to your health – and not intervening while your health issues unfolded.

The past is no more. The future is coming. What will you do about it? It is your life to live, and the decisions are yours to make. The best others can do is give you advice. They can attempt to boost your spirits. However, know any motivation others provide is fleeting. The motivation driving you forward must be internal; it must be yours.

If you lack the motivation to get started or to keep going, ask yourself what you stand to lose. Go over one thing at a time …

  • If your cardiovascular disease is at risk, there is much concern in this area as it is. Are you comfortable with the feeling you could have a fatal heart attack without warning? How about a stroke? It is a rhetorical question, but your degree of fear will vary. Is it enough to get you to act to improve your health and reduce your risk of severe complications?
  • if you have Type 2 diabetes, many, many problems could have arisen, many of which are fatal.

By going over the consequences, you should find the motivation you need.

Moreover, remember: it is your life. You only have one to live. Do not wait until a terrible moment to be reminded of this fact.