Type 2 Diabetes – Is The Zone Diet A Good Choice For Diabetics?

One popular diet you may have heard about is the Zone diet. And you may have read many people have found good results; but is it ideal for those who have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes? Let us take a closer look.

What Is The Zone Diet? The zone diet is a very balanced diet plan that has you consuming…

  • 1200 calories if you are female, and
  • 1500 calories if you are male.

This diet also prescribes a macronutrient split of…

  • 30% protein,
  • 30% dietary fat, and
  • 40% carbohydrates.

As you can see the above split gives a very balanced approach. No foods are cut out or eliminated, and blood sugar levels should remain quite stable with energy levels maintained at an ideal level.

The diet does allow most foods to be permitted in the plan. However, high sugar items are discouraged as are any processed foods. You want to stick with whole foods as much as possible.

Benefits Of The Zone Diet. So what are the benefits of the Zone approach? As noted above, you will maintain stable blood sugar levels for the most part with this diet because with every carbohydrate you take in, you will be consuming some protein and fat as well. Additionally, because this diet focuses on wholesome foods, your overall nutritional status will also likely rise, and you will do an excellent job at preventing disease.

Finally, hunger is usually quite low on the zone diet because protein and dietary fat make up such a significant component of the plan. So, if hunger is something that typically does you in when you diet, this might be one good reason to consider the Zone diet.

Should You Use The Zone Diet? Is it right for those with Type 2 diabetes? Overall, it’s a pretty good option for those who are suffering from diabetes. The good thing about the diet is you will not be eating carbohydrates on their own, which is something everyone with diabetes should be careful about.

The only thing you do want to note is 40% of your total calories will still come from carbohydrates, which is a little on the high-end. Some people who are struggling with their blood sugar control may want to keep their carbohydrate intake a bit lower, closer to 25 to 30%.

If this is the case, just swap some of the carbs for fats, and you should be good to go.

Overall, the Zone diet can be a brilliant diet plan to use if you are looking to reach your ideal body weight and stabilize your blood sugar levels.