Type 2 Diabetes – Is A Cure Already Here?


According to the Webster's 21st Century Dictionary, the word "cure" means;

* Method of remedial treatment, esp. for disease.

* Recovery from disease.

* Restore to health; heal.

When type 2 diabetes is discussed, the word "cure" is met with a wide array of responses. Many people with this disease and their prescribing doctors believe there is no cure. For many however, saying type 2 diabetes can not be reversed is like saying there is no cure for obesity.

Once you understand how type 2 diabetes develops in most people, it would be fair to say that type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease bought on by obesity, lack of exercise, drug use and other conscious choices. There are cases of type 2 diabetes bought on by other factors such as prescription drugs, stress and even agent orange exposure. However, obesity seems to play the largest part in the surge of the type 2 diabetes epidemic.

For the majority, the problem lies here. Beta cells inside the pancreas secret insulin when food is ateen. Insulin acts as a key to open muscle and liver cells to allow sugars inside to be used for fuel. When a diabetic person gains additional weight due to excessive food intake, beta cells try to keep up with insulin production until they are so stressed that they ever break down and produce less and less insulin … leaving high amounts of sugar in the blood.

The body does not replace damaged or destroyed beta cells on it's own.

Then there is insulin resistance simply meaning muscle and liver cells do not respond to the insulin already made by the body. Too much insulin in the bloodstream with no place to go is stored as fat. This is why so many type 2 diabetics have a unique apple-shaped body, carrying most of their excess weight around their middle.

An herbal remedy called Eleotin was introduced to the world in 1999 from Canada. Working on a metabolic level Eleotin restores beta cell function, insulin sensitivity and the health of the pancreas … the three most common causes of type 2 diabetes. Google the word Eleotin to find great informational resources on this product.

If a product such as Eleotin can rejuvenate tired and damaged beta cells and increase insulin sensitivity, the body can begin to process sugars on it's own again. This restorative process can be considered a cure. However, if a person lives for many years untreated, this process could only halt or slow future physical damage to the body, not the complications already executed by the disease such as blindness, kidney failure or amputations. This is the same as taking a weight loss pill to "cure" obesity and thinking it will also cure the stretch marks that were the result of being overweight.

It is truly up to each individual as to what a cure means to them. No product natural or man-made will ever restore a diabetic to a non-diabetic stage forever and allow them to eat whatever they choose with no limits. Knowing this, is there really a cure for type 2 diabetes? Define what a cure means to you. For the many thousands of Eleotin users all over the world, this means a cure.