Type 2 Diabetes – How Much Does Family Medical History Matter?

What you have heard regarding family medical history and the chance of developing particular diseases may or may not be reliable information. It depends on the source, and you have to consider the possibility of bias. Opinions differ, and they may affect the conclusions you are being told.

At the end of the day, though, you know there is a relationship between family history and disease, but the extent is something you still do not likely understand. While this is not medical advice, you could benefit from an informed opinion. More importantly, it is information to help shed light on the relationship existing between family history and disease. Even though medical advice with scientific references will always be irreplaceable, it usually is not the most digestible.

On that note, many prevalent diseases in our society share one common cause: a poor lifestyle which often features an unhealthy diet. Unhealthy food choices are the cause of many preventable health problems, which includes notable complications like heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. But if these issues have a primary cause influenced by lifestyle, to what degree does family medical history matter? This is the question that needs answering. Some blame their problems on the genetic factor when the real issue is elsewhere. But are some people predisposed to disease to such a degree, the primary cause becomes family history?

Pinpointing a balance is difficult. It is an undisputed fact an unhealthy body and an unfortunate family history are both causes of disease. But the truth is, determining whether one factor overshadows the other is futile because it is hard to establish a universal rule. In other words, for some people, family history will matter more than for others. Some adults may have had a poor diet for years and still do not have high blood sugar. Others will have prediabetes despite eating relatively well – they may just be more vulnerable due to an uncontrollable genetic factor.

How much does family medical history matter in your case? This is a question you must answer by discovering the necessary information. Determine what you may be at risk for developing and act accordingly. This is a factor affecting each of us differently, so how you are personally affected is all that should matter.

It is not a concrete answer to the central question. But there is a solution to take away here. There will always be factors determining your health within and outside of your control. Focus on the former. Even if you feel you are not given the best odds, you must play the hand you are dealt.

Type 2 diabetes runs in families but this does not mean if one of your parents has diabetes, a similar diagnosis has to be your fate as well. You can change things. If you eat the same kinds of food as say your parent did, you too are very likely heading for the same diagnosis.

Lastly, know when it comes to health and well-being, a healthy diet and lifestyle are the ultimate factors to tip the scales in your favor. The same cannot be said for having a stellar family medical history.