Type 2 Diabetes Food List – Forbidden and Recommended Foods For Type 2 Blood Sugar Patients


Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. Most people suffer from this disorder due to aging. A Type 2 diabetes food list is considered to be the best way to prevent this problem. Your nutrition and lifestyle should be regulated if you are suffering from this disease.

This illness is fast becoming a worldwide problem. It is also attacking the younger generation. Excess intake of junk food, alcohol consumption and bad eating habits are influencing its growth. The consequences of this disorder can be fatal if we do not take the requisite care. They can affect your eyes and feet. A person may go blind and even decomposition may take place in our body if this disease is ignored.

Here are Forbidden And Recommended Foods for Type 2 Blood Sugar Patients:

. The main cause of this diabetes is ineffective insulin in our body. They fail to maintain the blood sugar levels in our body and hence we suffer from this deadly disease. Excess sugar intake can be extremely harmful for our body. Avoidance of sugar and sweetened products are very necessary.

. You should also avoid soft drinks and fruit juices as they contain high sugar content. They will increase the blood sugar levels in your body. You should also avoid chocolates and cakes if you are suffering from this disease.

. Type 2 diabetes food list includes fishes, green leafy vegetables and all types of meat such pork, beef etc. You should also drink enough water in order to keep a proper blood circulation in your body.

. You can also eat poultry products like chicken, goose and duck. You have enough foods to relish. Seafood is also included in your Type 2 diabetes food list which makes you diet plan more colorful.