Type 2 Diabetes and Healthy Eating – Four Great Ways To Serve a Chicken Breast

Proteins are specialized molecules that help your cells to function. They are often called the basic building blocks of our body. Getting enough protein into your eating plan each day is essential for people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes to…

  • stabilize their blood sugar levels,
  • sustain as high of a metabolic rate as possible,
  • help with the production of red blood cells that helps increase the oxygen levels in their blood, and
  • repair broken down muscle mass tissue.

Sadly, many people with Type 2 diabetes fall short of eating enough protein. Chicken is one of the best protein sources out there, but one many of us grow bored with quickly. That is why we are here to share with you four great ways to serve chicken that will not leave you tired and looking for alternative meal ideas, most of which will not be a healthy choice.

Try these out for a change…

1. Chicken Skewers. Something about skewering chicken just makes it taste different. Try skewering them with a few pineapple pieces, tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms.

Brush whatever type of dressing you would like on the chicken and then grill for a few minutes, rotating as you do. You will have a delicious and light meal in minutes.

2. Chicken Wraps. Another tasty way to serve chicken is wrap-style. The beautiful thing about wraps is you can just add a good dose of vegetables into the wrap, so it will help you increase your total vegetable servings as well.

Wraps are lower in carbs than bread, so that is another added benefit.

3. Chicken Soup. Chicken soup is next up on the list of ways to serve chicken you won’t grow tired of. The great thing about soup is it is a high volume food, meaning you can eat quite a bit of it without accumulating too many calories.

Toss whichever vegetables you want into the soup and then add in some rice or whole wheat pasta – or go without if you want a low carb option.

4. Chicken Meatloaf. Finally, do not overlook a ground chicken breast. A ground chicken breast is just as healthy as a regular chicken breast and offers a world of options. Chicken meatloaf, for instance, is a delicious change of pace from a regular chicken breast and far healthier than traditional meatloaf.

Just be sure to add some shredded vegetables into the chicken meatloaf to help prevent it from being too dry.

As you can see, there is no reason to find yourself bored with chicken any longer. Get creative and look at what you can come up with.