Type 2 Diabetes – A Few Facts and Figures About Diabetes

The reasons why Type 2 diabetes is often underestimated are numerous. Few people realize just how deadly this disease is and its prevalence is understated. And regrettably, its incidence is usually ignored. Millions around the world are currently Type 2 diabetic but are unaware of their condition. If middle-aged adults worldwide went to their doctor for an overdue health check, there is no doubt we would see a significant spike in the numbers.

These are simply the facts. Some fear the truth because having high blood sugar levels needing constant attention can be a shock. But no one should ignore the signs and symptoms of hyperglycemia, hoping the effects will go away. One should not wait until they are feeling unbearable pain and fatigue before determining what the problem is.

Perhaps it would benefit you to become more acquainted with the different forms of diabetes. Regardless of your personal circumstances, it would not hurt to know more about one of the most prevalent (and deadly) diseases in modern society.

Let’s examine some facts and figures regarding diabetes. These statistics are from the United Kingdom…

Roughly four million people are diagnosed diabetics. This figure alone may not seem overwhelming, but remember you must relate it to the total population. Four million diagnosed diabetics constitute a notable portion of the UK population. It is a safe bet at least a few hundred thousand are currently undiagnosed diabetics as well. Which leads us to the following…

1. Four hundred people are diagnosed with diabetes each day. Every hour, 17 people find out they have a form of diabetes. How about those who are not aware of their condition? One can only guess when, or if they will realize they are more than likely prediabetic or Type 2 diabetic.

2. Approximately 90% are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes which is clearly the most prevalent form of diabetes. That said, if you are not acquainted with Type 1, don’t be misled into thinking it is not as alarming as the more common form of diabetes. Both have an adverse effect on the body. Most people, however, ought to focus on Type 2, since it is the one we can largely influence – for better or worse.

3. Type 2 diabetes afflicts more men than women. It is an interesting statistic, but don’t think females are not as susceptible to developing abdominal fat and high and unstable blood sugar levels as much as males. Prevention and treatment are equally important for both sexes.

4. Diabetes is a proven cause of death. This point is relevant for all populations across the world. Diabetes is a leading cause of mortality. If this doesn’t alarm you, nothing will. Needless to say, the disease must be managed and treated. While there is assistance available, the responsibility lies with the sufferer.

The fact itself cannot change. But the fate of people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes can certainly be altered. It’s just a matter of making the right decisions.