Two Supplements That Can Cure Hyperhidrosis/Stop Excessive Sweating

Why Am I Sweating So Much?

Besides my hyperhidrosis being a genetic condition, I’ve discovered that one of the reasons for my excessive sweating in my hands and feet (called palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis) is due to an imbalance of the sodium and water levels in my body. This imbalance caused my body to retain excess water, which made my feet look swollen, my hands constantly cold and puffy, and of course made me sweat profusely even when I feel relaxed.

The other reason for my involuntary sweating is due to some overactivity with my adrenal system. Whenever I feel even the slightest bit of anxiety, my hands would start to drip.

But after much research to find something that works, I finally have. So here are the two supplements I take that have made the sweat dry up in my hands and feet.

What Supplements Stopped My Excessive Sweating?

  • Potassium Gluconate

As noted by WebMD, potassium gluconate is a mineral supplement that helps maintain normal levels of potassium in the blood, which keeps your nervous system and organs like your heart and kidneys working properly. According to an article on, potassium also aids in normalizing your water retention (edema) and level of sodium in the body – and consuming more potassium helps to eliminate more sodium through your urine.

For people like us with hyperhidrosis, eating potassium-rich foods like bananas seem to not be enough because we’re sweating out the minerals in our bodies constantly, so taking potassium supplements may be the best way to maintain a healthy water/sodium balance.

It should be noted that excess potassium is not good for the body either, so going overboard on potassium gluconate may be counterproductive. I started out taking the recommended one tablet a day, which decreased my sweating but didn’t make it stop completely. So half way into my first day of this supplement, I took another tablet and my sweating stopped. I continued this for days 2 through 4, and noticed that body was finally balancing itself out. So now after more than 5 days of taking potassium gluconate, I’m down to the recommended 1 pill a day.

  • Magnesium

Magnesium supplements have many uses, such as to treat weak bones, migraines, high blood pressure and PMS, and is also responsible for making sure more than 300 chemical reactions in the body function properly, according to WebMD. I’m not sure what specifically the magnesium supplements target that stops the sweating; but being as though it’s needed for hundreds of chemical reactions, I think it’s helping to stabilize the chemicals in my body that works with my adrenal system.

I’ve noticed that magnesium supplements make me sleepy, which means that it’s slowing down my nervous system. The first day I took it I felt sleepy about an hour or two afterwards, but the second day I took it, I didn’t feel as sleepy. Like the potassium gluconate, I started out with 2 supplements daily for the first few days. I can now take 1 tablet a day and be fine, but if my body starts to feel hot on the inside (which is a precursor to my sweating at times), I take another tablet and that does the trick.

How I discovered that magnesium could play a role in curing my sweaty hands and feet was from stumbling upon articles that talk about symptoms of magnesium deficiency. One of symptoms listed was cold feet and hands, which is common in plantar and palmar hyperhidrosis.


I am not a physician, so this is not medical advice for your specific healthcare needs. Depending on medications you may take or other medical conditions you may have, potassium gluconate and magnesium supplements may not be advisable for you to consume. These supplements are what have been working for me, so this is just a personal testimony on what I believe is curing my hyperhidrosis.

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