Twice-Weekly Pectoral Blasts


Sounds nice – make it twice! We all know that the best way to create some growth in a pair of lagging arms is to hit them twice a week. Maybe we toss in 6 sets of heavy-ish triceps pressing at the end of Monday’s chest day, and biceps enjoys a few sets of curls on the tail end of Tuesday’s back training session. Then, they enjoy a full 12 to 16 sets apiece on Thursday, the day devoted to only arms.

But how in the world would this translate to assist with a lagging chest? Unless you’re a powerlifter (you can see your own feet, so that doesn’t seem likely!), you know the chest is a muscle group requiring a ton of recovery from tough sessions. How in the world would we hit the chest TWICE every week? Obviously, it would deliver some new growth, but recovery?

We would start our training week with LEG day. That’s right – leg day. Heavy squats, leg press, lunges, leg curls of many varieties, then calf raises til the cows come home. Then, when legs are shot, you would limp over to the smith machine and knock out 4 straight sets of heavy – very heavy – incline bench press. This wouldn’t be enough to scorch the muscle group for 4-5 days, but it would be enough to SHOCK those fast-twitch muscle fibers (the ones powerlifters love so much) into some stimulation. Then, before you start ripping up too many fibers, you’re done!

Tuesday is back day. Wednesday is rest day. Then, Thursday becomes your standard chest day, with much higher volume of sets (16 to 22) as you move from incline to flat to declines presses with barbell and dumbbell, then hit the machines. After this, you WILL need 3-4 days to rest, which will take you right up to the following Monday (leg day) when you will quickly stimulate the chest again. The system would look like this:

Day 1 (Monday) – Heavy Training – 4 sets of heavy safe incline benching

Day 2 (Thursday) – High Volume Training – 16 to 22 sets of your standard chest workout

It will take a bit of adjustment, but inside of a month, you’ll be very used to this. Your chest will now enjoy 104 mini-growth sessions each month, instead of the usual 52 sessions, which means you have twice as much chance to grow. Good luck!